Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2024

green glossy ceramic bathroom wall tile
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Nothing says new year like a remodeling project. While we don’t all have the time and budget to redo large areas of our homes – there are still opportunities to use some of 2024’s best bathroom design ideas for small bathrooms. Small bathrooms, nooks, and closets are all places to enact major transformations without upheaving the entire house to get the job done. Moreover, the best part about small bathroom remodels is they can be used as a launch point for bigger projects down the line. 


What will you get from this article?

  • Brighten up your small bathroom with the latest and most stunning bathroom tile ideas,
  • Learn how to create a modern, sleek look with our marble waterjet deco tile,
  • Get creative and use bold colors to make a statement in your tiny bathroom,
  • Discover how to mix different tile patterns and colors to create a unique bathroom design,
  • Transform your tiny bathroom with classic black-and-white tile patterns and gold accents.


Below we have done the hard work of scouting out some of the latest and most stunning tiny bathroom remodels. From coast to coast, homeowners are leaping and using the new year to make major interior design upgrades using these small bathroom ideas. Therefore, we hope that our lovely list of bathroom remodel ideas for small bathrooms spark inspiration as you update your home. 

Use these small bathroom renovation ideas to rework your tiny bathroom or explore the many other high-quality bathroom decorative tiles available in our collection. 

Bright Glossy Ceramic Tile

turquoise ceramic wall tile


Our Ocean Glossy Ceramic Tile reminds us of a tropical oasis. You cannot deny that these blue glossy ceramic tiles don’t make you think of tranquil waters, exotic trees, and wide open skies. Using brightly hued tiles in small bathrooms is a great way to brighten up the space without sticking to a traditional white shade. Instead, use a pop of color to bring your small bathroom remodel project into the new year. 

Add other brightly colored accents and fixtures (as pictured) or allow your tiles to be the star of the show with more muted decor. Fun colors don’t have to limit creativity. Rather, they can be a way to expand on design ideas.


Marble Waterjet Deco Tile


marble wall tiles


Isn’t this bathroom featuring our waterjet marble mosaic divine? We cannot get over how modern this tiny bathroom remodel looks after the installation of these marble decos. The mixture of white marble tiles and gray marble tiles keeps this tiny bathroom bright with it being boring. If you want all eyes on your space, consider choosing a fancy deco tile for your small bathroom renovation.


Matte Ceramic Tile


gray ceramic tile


The combination of white, black, and shades of grey never gets old. Our ceramic grey tile is a testament to how timeless this color combination can be when done right. For example, pairing these colors with classic black cabinetry and gold accents results in high-end sophistication. You can remodel a tiny bathroom with bold pops of dark colors and contrast them with lighter hues to keep balance in the space. Remodeling a tiny bathroom doesn’t have to limit your creativity.


Glazed Ceramic Tile


glazed ceramic tile


If you’re into prints but want a design that offers versatility, then patterned ceramic tiles are an excellent choice. This small bathroom renovation features our glazed ceramic tiles. Glazed ceramic offers a high sheen that sparkles against other accents. Take this Moroccan-themed tiny bathroom – it features the tile paired with rich wooden cabinets, gold fixtures, and a crisp white sink. This look is a winning combination of modern and eclectic styles.


Wall to Wall Warmth With Tile



This small bathroom remodel project features floor-to-ceiling tile inside the shower area. This application adds a clean look in small spaces and can maximize the use of whichever color tile you use.


Cement Tile



This inviting space features the versatility of mixing tile patterns. This small bathroom featuring cement tile has several different types of tile in the same shade placed to complement one another. 


Bold Tile



This blue and white powder room is nothing short of stunning! The designer for this small bathroom design idea pulled out all the stops to perfectly pair the rich royal blue floor tile with the blue wall pattern making both stand out in this space.  


All White Everything 



In this mid-century bathroom remodel white wall tile, white grout, and white bathroom accents create picturesque opulence. 


Blending Tile Colors



This contemporary small bathroom remodel has some nautical charm. Mixing tile colors and patterns can work when colors are complementary. 


A Blend of Classic and Modern Style



The designer of this traditional and modern blend bathroom blended classic and contemporary elements to bridge the past to the present in a stylish motif. 



This modern bathroom with a mid-century twist features a double dose of hexagon tile. Solid white hexagon shower tiles allow the blue patterned tile on the adjacent accent wall to catch the eye. 


Photo by Corinthian Fine HomesLook for bathroom pictures</div


In this private master suite bathroom remodel the designers took the 2024 small bathroom trend of solid white subway tile and paired it with white marble floors for a hidden cove of elegance. 



This black and white herringbone tile bathroom uses classic colors in an ultra-modern application. Black and white bathroom tiles can be used in endless ways to showcase a personal style. 

If you need any other bathroom tile ideas to use your small bathroom shower, you can check out the Latest Shower Tile Ideas in our blog!


Contemporary Bathroom Makeovers (Before & After)


Here we wanted to feature a couple of before and afters to showcase the transformative power of a small bathroom renovation. Take a look at these amazing tiny bathroom makeover photos to witness the power of creative interior design. 



The tiny bathroom renovation idea behind this project was to achieve a contemporary bathroom makeover. The designers of this space wanted to successfully combine modern style with crisp lines for a bright and updated tiny bathroom. 

The before shows how outdated the bathroom is with its 80s-style tile theme – it was in major need of an update. In the after photos, you can see that the bathroom is now beaming with modern accents. The wooden cabinets and deep-set sinks really revamp the entire space.



In this example, we showcase the transformation of another tiny bathroom. The designers for this project wanted to do a modern surprise bathroom makeover. Similar to the bathroom above this tiny bathroom hadn’t been remodeled in several decades. After that amount of time, design trends and motifs shifted drastically, therefore the homeowners needed to do major work to update the space. 


In the before photo, you can see that the previous design had teal tile on the wall and a very old pink step-in bathtub. Then, in the second photo, this bathroom was updated using a simple small bathroom design idea changing the entire look and feel of the space. The modern fixtures and the black rectangular floor tile are the perfect contrasts to clean white walls. As a result, this tiny bathroom makeover is a modern-day marvel.


In Conclusion

We hope that you now feel motivated to embark on the journey of remodeling your tiny bathroom with these small bathroom remodel ideas.  These ideas are only a few of the many ways you can pair contemporary fabrics and fixtures to make your very own tiny bathroom renovation a success.

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