8 Ceramic Tile Suggestions for Small Bathrooms

ceramic tile ideas for small bathrooms
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In a perfect scenario, all bathrooms would be created with tall ceilings, tons of natural light, and ample room for necessities and accessories. In reality, however, many bathrooms are much smaller than desired. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to add visual appeal and depth to tiny spaces with the right ceramic bathroom tile. 

Some homeowners fret over tile options for bathrooms because bathrooms are typically high-use. Once you’ve settled the porcelain vs. ceramic tile debate and decided on a ceramic bathroom tile, you will discover that there is a sea of beautiful ceramic tile designs for small spaces.

Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, durable, and visually dynamic –– all the characteristics needed for a timeless design. Both ceramic floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles work well in a small bathroom, you just have to know what to look for. If you’re after a stylish yet durable ceramic tile, then you will love at least one of these eight alluring ideas to transform your small bathroom. 



1. Go Glossy


blue glossy bathroom tile
Jules Glossy Ceramic Tile by Country Floors.

Nothing says chic like a glossy ceramic tile that has a reflective surface. In small bathrooms, a glossy tile adds an element of brightness that is often needed. The Status Collection features unique patterns in a plethora of ethereal shades that are perfectly suited for small bathrooms. The sheen of reflective ceramic wall tiles makes the space look and feel less cramped. The best part about this ceramic tile idea is the color range, with both bright colors and neutral hues available. The combination of a vibrant hue and a reflective gloss will transform your tiny bathroom into a luxurious space. 



2. Contrast Blue and White


blue and white tiles for bathroom
Yagasuri Matte Ceramic Tile by Country Floors.

Blue evokes calm waters, relaxation, and tranquility. If you’re not afraid of color, it’s the ultimate choice for a bathroom space. In small bathrooms, a vivid blue ceramic tile can look especially elegant when paired with wooden accents.

In the Wagara Ceramic Collection, the Yagasuri Matte Ceramic Tile is a deep blue ceramic patterned tile that contrasts light wood nicely. This combination adds a rich alternative spin to the classic black-and-white ceramic tile dynamic.



3. Make It Metro


subway bathroom tile
White Glossy Ceramic Tile by Country Floors.

Metro-patterned tiles are just beautiful to look at. When crisply cut and installed against a thin layer of grout, it’s truly a sight to behold. This White Glossy Ceramic Tile from our Metro Wall Ceramic Collection is stunning in small bathrooms. It gives poorly lit spaces an airy feel, and in well-lit bathrooms, the bright tile enhances the effect of the natural lighting. Lay the tile vertically or horizontally for a sophisticated and bright effect. Or, consider contrasting black and white ceramic tiles for a bolder effect.



4. Put a Modern Twist on a Classic


patterned wall tile
Tropani Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile by Country Floors.

In our Marsala Bianco Ceramic Collection, traditional patterning meets modern installation for a high-end look. The Taormina Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile and Tropani Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile are true nods to the past. Try pairing patterned tiles with rich colors and metallic accents to highlight the detail of their design. Patterned tile can be used to cover entire walls for a dramatic look, or strategically placed in subtle areas for pops of color. They’re also a good ceramic tile flooring option.



5. Experiment with Abstraction


gray patterned tile
Storm Matte Ceramic Tile by Country Floors.

The best thing about ceramic tiles is their versatility. With designs ranging from rustic traditional to abstract modern, there’s sure to be ceramic tile for everyone. This Storm Matte Ceramic Tile from the Best-seller ceramic tiles collection embraces industrial chic with its stormy gray hues and bold swirling patterns. It’s the ideal ceramic tile for small modern loft bathrooms and looks incredible when paired with metal accents.



6. Broaden Your Horizons with Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles


beige ceramic tile
Butter Glossy Ceramic Tile by Country Floors.

Installing tile from floor to ceiling in small bathrooms can create the illusion of height and space. When it comes to pulling off tiles in small spaces, optics are everything. In cramped bathroom spaces, it’s best to choose white ceramic tiles, gray ceramic tiles, or cream ceramic tiles to optimize lighting and keep the tile from closing in the room.

The Butter Glossy Ceramic Tile and Satin Cotton Matte Ceramic Tile from the Kasbah Ceramic Collection are square ceramic tiles that are the ideal choices for this tile idea. Perfectly cut into tiny pieces, this warm-colored square ceramic tile is destined to enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom.



7. Keep It Simple, or Not


Vintage Linen Manorca Glossy Terracotta Tile
Royal White Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile by Country Floors.

Who says that simple white ceramic tiles can’t still be elegant? The monochrome chevron look is chic. When properly installed it makes even the smallest of bathrooms appear palace perfect. Gold hardware looks exceptionally regal against this simple white ceramic design. Update your small bathroom with this truly superb but simple and cheap ceramic tile idea. The Royal White Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile comes courtesy of our Status Ceramic Collection.



8. Embrace Color


Ruby Glossy Polka Ceramic Mosaic by Country Floors.

If you’re not afraid of color, consider going for a vibrant red ceramic tile design. The Ruby Glossy Polka Ceramic Mosaic from the best-seller ceramic tile collection has unique red polka dots that create a fascinating ceramic wall design.

To make a bold tile work in a small bathroom, less is more. Instead of overwhelming the space with this tile all over, install it on an accent wall or vanity backsplash. Additionally, be sure to pair your vibrant accent wall with neutral furniture.

Fall In Love With Quality

The ceramic tile at Lowes or Home Depot doesn’t compare to the offerings available at County Floors. View our wonderfully curated ceramic bathroom tiles suitable for bathrooms large and small. 

For more on ceramic tile installation, ceramic tile refinishing, and how to clean ceramic tiles, explore our blog.

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