The Timeless Trend of Limestone Tiles

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Limestone tiles are a classic natural fixture that has adorned homes all over the world. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, limestone tiles have been revived as a premiere material for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. From ancient Egypt to the Statue of Liberty, monumental structures made of limestone still stand after centuries. This means that limestone is a worthwhile investment for any homeowner looking for timeless appeal.

Some benefits and advantages of limestone include:



limestone floor tile


Limestone tile floors have stayed in power for centuries. You cannot go wrong with this beautiful, hard-wearing natural stone. Most people think of limestone as an outdoor tile, but it is truly lovely and fitting for indoor spaces. 

Low Maintenance


limestone bathroom mosaic tile


Limestone floors are quite low maintenance in comparison to other stones, like marble and granite. Regular sweeping, and mopping with a gentle cleanser and warm water are all it takes to maintain beautiful limestone flooring. If you’re searching for limestone for bathrooms, you’re in the right place. Since limestone is moisture-resistant, it will hold up wonderfully for years to come. 

If you want to learn how to clean and maintain your natural stones like limestone, check out our blog.



limestone exter,or tile design


Natural limestone often gets overlooked, but it is a very versatile natural stone option. For homes and businesses who seek a design with natural elements, limestone has variety galore. Available in creams, browns, grays, tans, and rustic blends limestone has a look that everyone can appreciate. 

Limestone is also available in several forms for purposes of interior and exterior design. Limestone comes in slabs for counters and other large surfaces, it also comes in tile and mosaics. Therefore, you can easily find the right limestone for fireplaces, kitchen floors, and even bathroom walls

Full Grain Stone Collection

Full grain stone tile bathroom walls and floors
Bosphorus Full Grain Limestone Tile by Country Floors.

This collection is where texture and luxury combine. Full grain stone is a unique take on creating a distinctive finish for both limestone and marble tiles. This style of tile is the ultimate finish for marble bathroom floors, walls, and even limestone and marble shower flooring. Marble isn’t limestone, and limestone isn’t marble, but both stones are incredible in this specially crafted finish.

Cottage Stone Tile Collection

Gray marble tile flooring in rustic bedroom
Maroon Di Notte Cottage Marble Tile by Country Floors.

This collection is highly unique. Because it has options that are limestone and marble. The Cottage Stone Tile Collection is ideal for interior walls, bathroom flooring, commercial areas, and luxury meeting spaces. It offers tiles in incredible, including gray limestone. From the rich dark tones of Maroon Di Notte Cottage Marble Tile to the soft gleam of the Seashell Cottage Limestone Tile, the limestone vs. marble discussion is elevated to the next level with these fantastic stone tiles.

La Roche Limestone Tile Collection

Beige limestone kitchen floor
Genova Brushed & Tumbled Limestone Tile by Country Floors.

The tile options available in the La Roche Limestone Collection may appeal more to those who love the earthiness of limestone. This collection features limestone in tumbled, brushed, and leather finishes. Use blue brushed or leathered limestone tile to showcase dark cabinetry and gleaming polished countertops. Or place tumbled limestone tile in the living room to bring a sense of the outside indoors.

Studio Mosaic Tile Collection

Geometric gray and white mosaic tile wall covering in a kitchen.
Snow White, Allure, Glacier Multi Finish Kent Marble Mosaic by Country Floors.

These limestone floor and wall tiles were inspired by English, Mid Century Modern, French Bistro, and Deco styles. As a result, the waterjet mosaics in the Studio Collection epitomizes value through and through. These mosaics look like designs in motion with their detailed patterns and cascading hues. Studio collection is available in a plethora of exclusive geometric shapes so designers mix and match styles and patterns.

Atelier Mosaic Tile Collection

Square geometric stone mosaic wall covering in a bathroom.
Snow White, Allure Multi Finish Steps 3d Marble Mosaic by Country Floors.

One word describes the Atelier Mosaic Collection – dynamic. The Atelier Collection boasts many eye-catching colors and silhouettes of natural limestone. Think blues, creams, grays, whites, and browns, this collection has it all. With something for everyone, our Atelier mosaics are capable of helping novice and professional designers alike to create stunning home landscapes. Use these mosaics for your limestone kitchen flooring, as limestone fireplace tile, or as limestone shower wall tile for an ultra-luxurious look. 

Britannia Limestone Tile Collection

Britannia Honed Limestone Tile by Country Floors.

This collection is a mixture of past and present, where ancient limestones are blended with limestone compositions that are currently on trend. The Britannia Collection presents limestone in a mixture of hues. From bright cream to dark rich gray, the limestone in this collection has a look that will appeal to a wide range of designers. 

Baba Chic Mosaics Collection

Beige and brown limestone tile mosaic on a bathroom floor.
Giallo, Verde Honed Sacchi Limestone Mosaic by Country Floors.

Embrace the intricately designed limestone mosaics of the Baba Chic Mosaics Collection. Inspired by the historic artistry of Tunisian craftsmen, this collection boasts a richly colored array of limestone mosaic wall tiles in shades of red, brown, yellow, blue, and gray. Therefore, the collection’s spectrum of colors makes it well-suited for a variety of interior designs, from rustic chic to contemporary geometric. Craft an eye-catching limestone kitchen backsplash or limestone bathroom floor with Mediterranean limestone tiles. 

Make A Timeless Statement With Your Limestone Flooring

In conclusion, if you’re interested in installing limestone flooring in your home, we ask that you explore all of the fabulous collections of limestone that we have to offer. Therefore, you’re sure to find a style and color that suits your taste and aesthetic. Make your own timeless statement by selecting one of Country Floors‘ luxury options. 

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