The Top 12 Tile Trends You Should Know

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To learn more about which tile trends are in (and which are not), we have a list of today’s most imaginative tile trend design ideas.

Tile has always been the best option for adding a touch of elegance and class to a space. From backsplashes and dramatic feature walls to flooring, tile can be utilized to create vivid and innovative spaces. Gone are the days of using wallpaper and paint to transform homes, offices, and businesses –– tile is in. Whether it be ceramic, marble, porcelain, or more, there’s a wide range of tiles on trend right now.

Professional and DIY designers alike are incorporating these tile styles into their bathrooms and kitchens. Furthermore, they’re taking things one step further and using these tile trends in other interior spaces. The following tile ideas can be used to elevate and transform any area of the home. From bathroom tile trends to kitchen tile trends, here are the latest and greatest ways to bring your home into the future.

1. The Geometric Tile Trend

Grey and white hexagon tiles in a bathroom
Cold Glossy Hexagon Ceramic Tile by Country Floors.

Whether you’re looking to redesign your kitchen, office, or bathroom, geometric tile is in style. Take your mind off the basic square-shaped tile that’s been popular for decades, and instead think geometric. Tile in geometric shapes––such as parallelograms, triangles, hexagons, and diamonds––are on trend to make your living space look chic and up-to-date. If you try this trend for bathroom tile, you can go simple with white and neutral tones, bright with vivid tones, or bold with dark or high-contrast tones. As a kitchen tile trend, geometric-shaped tile adds variety and visual appeal.

The Cold Glossy Hexagon Ceramic Tile is available in several colors, perfect for mixing and playing around with gradients.

2. The Antique Tile Trend

Antique floral ceramic tiles in a kitchen
Sintra Square Glazed Terracotta Tile by Country Floors.

Step into the old days with an antique tile made the traditional way. Don’t be afraid to embrace colors and patterns with a bold, intricately designed pattern in vivid hues. In contrast to the sleek, monochrome patterns of modernity, consider adding some warmth and style to your home with an antique tile. An antique tile backsplash will give your kitchen a homey feel while still adding a stylish contemporary touch.

The Sintra 4 Square 1/2 Glazed Ceramic Tile has a rich, intricate pattern that recalls the tiles of an old English country estate.

3. The Baroque Tile Trend

Glimmering baroque-style marble tiles in a kitchen
Thassos, Statuarietto Multi Finish Avila Marble Mosaic by Country Floors.

If you’re a fan of dramatic flare, then this tile trend is the one for you. Straight out of the 17th century, baroque-style tile is an architectural feat. The best thing about this trend is it works in a multitude of ways. Apply dark or light-colored marble to floors to create the look, or cover an entire room in a flourishing mosaic design from floor to ceiling.

The Thassos, Statuarietto Multi Finish Avila Marble Mosaic is a fresh take on the Baroque trend that offers a hint of glimmer.

4. The Country Chic Trend

Classic blue and white ceramic tile kitchen backsplash
Roussillon Glossy Ceramic Tile by Country Floors.

There’s something cozy about the country chic trend. These tiles often pair traditional designs with a contemporary flair, making them a great choice for homeowners and designers seeking to add a rustic touch to their modern kitchens. Classic blue-and-white tiles are instantly charming, and they’re a fun way to add a decorative design to your kitchen or bathroom.

The Roussillon Glossy Ceramic Tile has a bold, classic blue pattern that pairs well with a rustic-style farmhouse sink and old gas stoves.

5. The Mixed Tile Trend

Alternating pink and white diamante ceramic tiles in a bathroom
Rosie Glossy Diamante Ceramic Tile by Country Floors.

No matter which type of tile you select for your next project, mixed tile is a trend that can add a contemporary flair to the space. As a tile flooring trend, mixed tile can act as a road map that sections off open areas. This bathroom tile trend tile can break up an otherwise bland layout and make the room appear more multi-dimensional. Upgrade blank spaces by mixing tiles in complementary shades. Mixed tile can even make a huge impact in small spaces, like along show walls, or an upgrade for shower flooring.

The Rosie Glossy Diamante Ceramic Tile has a striking shape that offers a unique spin of classic ceramic tiles.

6. The Warm Tones Tile Trend

Orange and yellow limestone geometric mosaic
Maha Honed Limestone Mosaic by Country Floors.

Step into a Tuscan villa with a warm-toned terracotta tile floor. Richly colored tiles in brown, beige, orange, and yellow add a touch of warmth and friendliness to any space. For people seeking warmer shores, terracotta tiles are on trend right now. These tiles are ideal for beach houses with nature-inspired design schemes or any Spanish-style villa. Moreover, they’re incredibly versatile and are suitable for both floor and wall applications.

Inspired by the Moroccan tile-making tradition, the Maha Honed Limestone Mosaic from the Baba Chic Mosaics Collection has a strikingly bold pattern in rich, warm hues.

7. The Natural Stone Trend

Veined purple and white marble tiles
Calacatta Viola Polished Marble Tile by Country Floors.

Why should you go for an overly complicated design when you can just let the natural beauty of the stone speak for itself? In the age of technology, some people just want to get back to nature. Natural stones like marble come in an incredible variety of colors with a range of textures and vein patterns. If you prefer an organic, natural atmosphere for your home or business, consider going classic and simple by embracing the natural stone tile trend. 

The Calacatta Viola Polished Marble Tile from the Natural Reflections Collection effortlessly showcases the incredible organic beauty of the natural stone. 

8. The 3D Tile Trend

3D black and white marble mosaic tiles in a bathroom
Snow White, Allure Multi Finish Steps 3d Marble Mosaic by Country Floors.

Make your kitchen or bathroom look more spacious by adding an element of visual depth, like a 3D-style tile. This tile trend is an exceptionally gutsy way to give your walls a multidimensional look. The beauty of 3D tile is in its ability to mimic nearly any conceivable pattern or texture. 3D tile is also appealing because it’s a great way to make a design statement without blowing your budget. This tile style works best on spaces that you want to revamp, like walls and backsplash areas. Since this tile wall trend is supremely modern, we recommend it for the most risk-taking design enthusiasts.

The Snow White, Allure Multi Finish Steps 3d Marble Mosaic is an elegant take on the 3D pattern trend with its simple black-and-white design.

9. The Captivating Color Trend

Blue hexagon tiles in a bathroom
Indigo Indigo Hexagon Marble Mosaic by Country Floors.

Design should be a fun and creative way to develop a unique atmosphere. If your wish is to show your personality, then a colorful tile is the way to go. Going bold with colored shower tile is exceptionally eye-catching in bathrooms. Imagine being able to see your favorite color tile from floor to ceiling as you relax in the bath or shower after a long day. You can take a bold or neutral color to the extreme and match it to your decor for a one-of-a-kind result. To take this trend one step further, think about using tiles in red, gray, or rich green tones. If you have an eye for softer shades, neutrals and pastels also make a striking design statement.

The incredible blue hues of the Indigo Hexagon 2 Marble Mosaic creates an incredible tapestry of colors that you could stare at for hours.

10. The Clean & Sleek Trend

Sleek black hexagon tiles in a living room
Black Glossy Longest Hexagon Ceramic Tile by Country Floors.

Create a sense of openness in any living space with crisp and clean floor tile. The sleek and streamlined look of this clean wall or floor tile trend adds natural elegance that can be paired with furniture and accents that complement color, or bold accents that help the tile take center stage. Using tile with understated reliefs is a great choice to add balance and harmony to a room. This trend can make your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and even your kitchen appear much larger and airy. The brightness of the tile can be the perfect backdrop to your new aesthetic.

Simple yet effective, the Black Glossy Longest Hexagon Ceramic Tile is ideal for anyone in search of a sleek, elegant backdrop.

11. The Black and White Pattern Trend

Black and white marble waterjet deco mosaic in a bathroom
Calypso Thassos, Calacatta, Mykonos Honed Marble Waterjet Decos by Country Floors.

This tile trend may undoubtedly be one of the most classic and versatile tile trends of all time. Needless to say, black and white create visual contrast that is hard to top with other color combinations. Whether you pair black tile floors with white tile on walls or vice versa the outcome is a visual masterpiece. For an ultra-modern spin, use black and white tile for bold statement-making patterns that will immediately grab attention. Today the black-and-white tile trend is alive and well, being used in design projects across all types of interior spaces. The possibilities are almost endless with this classic color duo.

The Calypso Thassos, Calacatta, Mykonos Honed Marble Waterjet Decos is an unusual take on a classic black and white pattern, a match made in heaven for anyone not afraid to be bold.

12. The Stacked Tile Trend

Glossy green porcelain tiles in a living room or lobby
Fusion Smeraldo Polished Porcelain Tile by Country Floors.

Stacked tiles can be used in any room, but they’re especially beautiful as a bathroom tile trend. If you’re remodeling your bathroom, stacked tile placement can help you incorporate a traditional design with a modern application. The most visually appealing way to execute this trend is through the use of complementary colors. The stacked tiles should be installed horizontally or vertically for a classic layout. If you go traditional, you can stack tiles in complementary colors in a grid pattern to create visual depth and interest. For maximum visual payoff, a staggered (or offset) layout is recommended. Staggered or classic applications look best with rectangular-shaped tiles in unexpected hues. 

This Fusion Smeraldo Polished Porcelain Tile is proof that glamor does not have to break the bank. Long-wearing and long-lasting, this gorgeous glossy green porcelain tile is ideal for accent or tiled feature walls. 

In Conclusion

Now that you’re up to speed on the latest tile trends, use these ideas to plan a new design roadmap for your next interior design project. Consider utilizing one or multiple of these ideas to turn the spaces in your home into areas that you marvel at for years to come. Luxury and function are always in style. 

Country Floors is proud to showcase the most high-quality tile in patterns and shapes suitable for residential and commercial design needs. Contact us or explore our online catalog of exquisite tiles to see which style is best for your next interior or exterior design project.

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