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20 Best Luxury Bathroom Tile Design Favorites Of The Year

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When it comes to luxury bathroom tile designs, you should always find the balance between natural and stylish. The tile you ultimately choose comes down to personal preference, of course, but looking out for tile quality, material, and finish is a must. Marble tiles for bathrooms are one of our personal favorites due to their inherent elegance. If you want to make a statement, choose a marble mosaic as a bathroom vanity backsplash. If you’re seeking a more low-maintenance option, then porcelain and ceramic bathroom tiles also offer a luxurious look.

We have carefully selected the most chic and stylish tiles, suitable for classic and traditional designs to modern luxury bathroom ideas. Whether you’re planning on transforming your water closet or seek to redesign your master luxury bathroom, here are the top luxury bathroom tile ideas for this year:

1. Art Deco Marble Mosaic

luxury bathroom ideas

Cravat Snow White Polished Marble Waterjet Decos


Cravat Snow White, Skyline Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Amulet Black Honed Marble Waterjet Decos


One of the biggest luxury bathroom ideas of the year is art deco revival, so it’s fitting we start our list with this marble art deco-style bathroom backsplash from the Elements Collection.

2. Black and White Statement Wall

luxury master bathroom ideas

Helios Thassos, Bianca Cararra, Aegean Honed Marble Waterjet Decos


Calypso Thassos, Calacatta, Mykonos Honed Marble Waterjet Decos


Calypso Thassos, Bateig Blue, Aegean Honed Marble Waterjet Decos


We love the look of black and white tiles, and this elegant black and white bathroom tile from the Odssey Waterjet Collection has a twisting, unique design. Ideal for luxury master bathroom ideas, it certainly makes a statement.

3. Brass Accented Luxurious Tile

luxurious bathroom

Panton Black, Snow White, Brass Honed Marble Waterjet Decos


Blocks Glacier, Snow White, Brass Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Emerson Black, Glacier, Brass Honed Marble Waterjet Decos


Another Roaring 20s-inspired design, this brass-accented black and white tile is simply stunning. Part of our Mod Glam Decorative Marble Collection, it’s the definition of a luxurious bathroom idea.

4. Gray Multi-Finish Marble Mosaic

luxury bathrooms

If you’re seeking a more understated, elegant look, then this gray marble mosaic has a multi-finish that adds a textured design to luxury bathrooms. The fine detailing of the bathroom mosaic tile is ideal for anyone in want of an artistic feel.

4. White Marble Mosaic Floor

bathroom luxurious

Helena White Carrara, Thassos White Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Isabella Thassos White, Pura Glass, White Carrara Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Tamara White Carrara, Thassos White Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


White marble tiles are our go-to tile for opening up and brightening spaces. Naturally translucent, white marble diffuses light and makes spaces feel airy. For a unique design, consider white marble mosaics.

5. Beige Arabesque Waterjet Deco

luxury bathroom design

One of the most soothing options on our list, this beige and white marble tile recalls traditional arabesque designs. Its floral motif has a classic look that’s timeless, making it perfect for a luxury bathroom design.

6. Blue and Green Byzantine Mosaic

luxurious bathroom

Shell, Thassos, 24k Gold, Calacatta Multi Finish Orson Marble Mosaic


Blue Macauba, Kays Green, Ming Green, Ce Multi Finish Mist Marble Mosaic


24k Gold, Agate Quartz, Jewel Glossy Reve Glass Mosaic


One of the mosaic tiles from the New Ravenna Collection, this delicate square marble mosaic has an antique look that appears just like Byzantine mosaics. Moreover, it has a textured, anti-slip surface ideal for bathroom floors.

7. Roman-Look Bathroom Floor

small luxury bathrooms

Another one of our antiquity-inspired tiles, this black and white luxurious bathroom floor tile has a bronze accent that offers a glamorous detailing. We recommend this mosaic floor tile for small luxury bathrooms, like water closets, due to its bold design.

8. Leaf Motif Gray Waterjet Deco

luxury bathroom designs

Sophia Allure, Palisandra Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Sophia White Carrara, Black Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Sophia Aspen White, Allure Light Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


There’s something about this gray marble mosaic that’s perfectly fitting for luxury bathroom designs. Its harmonious leaf pattern adds a natural atmosphere and creates harmony.

9. Black Penny Mosaic Tile

luxury modern black bathrooms

Luxury modern black bathrooms are one of the top designs of the year. This gorgeous marble black penny tile has specks of natural white veining, creating an utterly unique design that showcases the natural beauty of marble.

10. Antique Style Ceramic Tile

luxurious bathroom

Voysey A-20a Biscuit, Jade Glazed Ceramic Tile


Talbert-109 Glazed Ceramic Tile


Millefleurs-11 Glazed Ceramic Tile


This glazed ceramic tile is part of our Crossings Ceramic Collection, which is inspired by medieval tile designs. With the recent appreciation for artisanal handcraft tiles, this glazed blue ceramic tile has an antique look.

11. Traditional Green Marble Mosaic

luxury modern luxury master bathroom ideas

Quincy Calacatta Green, Snow White, E1620 Polished Marble Waterjet Decos


Estelle Calacatta Amber, J13, R1057 Polished Marble Waterjet Decos


Esme Snow White, Calacatta Green, E1620 Polished Marble Waterjet Decos


This stunning white and green marble tile from the Umbria Waterjet Collection is one of our personal favorites. The emerald green detailing offers a glamorous accent that’s the definition of luxury.

12. Traditional Gray Bathroom Floor

luxury modern luxury master bathroom ideas

Ideal for luxury master bathroom ideas, this gray honed marble mosaic makes spaces seem more spacious and vibrant. Consider how the bathroom floor tile pictured above compliments the natural lighting and white walls beautifully.

13. Patterned Ceramic Tile Shower

modern luxury bathroom

If you’re seeking a more modern luxury bathroom look, then consider going for a patterned ceramic tile like this navy glossy criss-cross ceramic tile. It offers a streamlined look that pairs nicely with white marble tile floors

14. Monochromatic White Luxury Marble Bathroom

luxury marble bathroom

Calacatta Gold Extra Polished Marble Tile


Chevron Calacatta Gold Honed Marble Waterjet Decos


Calacatta Gold Royal Honed Hexagon Marble Mosaic


There’s nothing more timeless than a white luxury marble bathroom. Note how the image above utilizes multiple styles to create a harmonious yet creative luxury bathroom tile design.

15. Fluted Marble Tile Accent

bathroom tiles luxurious

Calacatta Amber Honed Flute Trim Marble Tile


Calacatta Viola Honed Flute Trim Marble Tile


Lilac Honed Flute Trim Marble Tile


Fluted Tiles are the optimal blend between traditional and contemporary tile designs. It offers a sleek, sophisticated look for luxury bathrooms and serves to elongate spaces.

16. Modern Minimalist Subway Tile

Skyline Leather Marble Tile


Iris Black Leather Subway Marble Tile


Silver Shadow Leather Marble Tile


Subway tiles are one of the most popular bathroom tile designs for good reason. If you’re searching for a more elegant version of classic subway bathroom tiles, then this luxurious marble subway tile with a leathered finish is perfect.

17. Hexagon Mosaic Tile Wall

marble hexagon tile

Similar to our marble subway tile, this marble hexagon tile offers an elevated, luxurious take on a classic bathroom tile design. The natural variation in the marble veining creates a pleasingly mottled tile design that is suitable for wall and flooring applications.

18. Stylish Luxury Modern Black Bathroom Tile

black luxury marble tile

Black Honed Palazzo Marble Mosaic


Calacatta Amber Honed Palazzo Marble Mosaic


Calacatta Viola Honed Palazzo Marble Mosaic


This glamorous black luxury marble tile has an alternating geometric pattern that is incredibly chic. Part of the Palazzo Collection, it has a black tile design with white detailing for a contrasting look.

19. Diamond Marble Mosaic Tile

luxurious bathroom

This purple-veined rhombus marble mosaic is utterly charming and unique. It goes beautifully with the white wood panelling and bathroom vanity design, making it ideal for luxurious bathrooms.

20. Veined Green Marble Mosaic Tile

luxury bathroom ideas

Calacatta Green Honed Ponte Marble Mosaic


Calacatta Green Honed Flute Trim Marble Tile


Calacatta Green Polished Marble Tile


Last on our list of luxury bathroom ideas is this monochromatic green marble bathroom look, complete with a luxury marble tile floor and two different marble mosaics.

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