19 White Ceramic Tile Ideas For Your Home Spaces

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19 White Ceramic Tile Ideas For Your Home

We have so many wonderful resources available for homeowners to learn the possibilities of ceramic tiles. From innovative kitchen backsplash ideas to ceramic tiles in the bathroom, we have done the research to bring you today’s best suggestions for interior design.

This list of 19 stunning white ceramic tile ideas was inspired by 2023’s most popular uses for ceramic tiles. Additionally, we have a newly updated inspiration guide for using ceramic tile in small bathrooms that we think you will love if your small bathroom needs a refresh.

White ceramic tile is incredibly versatile which can make finding the best options for your home overwhelming. Use this list of carefully selected stunning wall decor, ceramic tile mosaics, and classic wall tiles to help you get started.

1. Satin Cotton Matte Ceramic

white hexagon ceramic wall tile

This hexagon matte ceramic bathroom tile looks so soft and cozy against the vivid pink trim and wall paint in this bathroom. How lovely are the gunmetal accents that help bring contrast to this space? White ceramic tile really pulls this unique design together.

2. Long Hexagon Tile

white hexagon ceramic wall tile

Elongated ceramic tile is so pretty and out of the box. It’s amazing how a classic shape can be slightly altered and result in a look that enhances the dimension and is still classic. Also, these types of hexagon tiles are so chick, take a look at our other most popular ceramic tile ideas for 2023!

3. White Ceramic Wall Decos

white zaragosa ceramic wall tile

Zaragosa wall decos are another example of how pattern and texture can be achieved with white ceramic wall tiles. This charming textured tile adds a richness that helps the top half of the wall serves as the room’s visual focal point. Don’t forget that ceramic tiles are one of the best options for your bathroom, check out the benefits of ceramic bathroom floor tiles.

4. White Picket Wall Decos

white hexagon ceramic wall tiles

These exquisite picket decos look so high-end. White ceramic tile is an incredibly savvy choice for designers and homeowners looking for expensive results with a material that rivals luxury stones. Thanks to the neutral bathroom vanity and gold hardware this bathroom looks magazine-worthy.

5. Glossy White Squared Decos

white ceramic backsplash tile

Eren Ceramic Wall Decos are giving 3D vibes in this neutral kitchen. It is impossible to not notice the texture and depth created by these stylish printed white wall decos. No matter how this kitchen changes these walls will be a perfect backdrop.

6. White Ceramic Subway Tile

white ceramic subway tile

White ceramic subway tile is the perfect way to balance the glossy herringbone patterned tile on the bottom half of the wall. White ceramic tiles can stand on their own or be paired with more complex styles to prevent spaces from looking busy.

7. Loire Glossy Tile

white and blue ceramic wall tiles

Loire glossy ceramic tile is a gorgeously patterned 6×6 white ceramic tile. Blue and white is a popular combination because it is seen as less stark than black and white. On the other hand, the blue and white combination is a fresh option to have in your bathroom, it is a good choice to use for your small bathroom remodeling.

8. Seigaiha Matte Ceramic Tile

white and blue ceramic wall tiles

This gorgeous blue and white ceramic tile would look just as nice in a bathroom or kitchen as it does in this bedroom. The deep navy blue arches on the tile make the design appear more detailed in the best way possible.

9. White and Red Desmond Tile

white and red ceramic bathroom tiles

This fire engine glossy ceramic tile is stunning in this meo-modern bathroom. Using red strategically to go floor to ceiling in this open-concept bathroom is genius. The designer of this space will enjoy this beautiful tile for years to come.

10. Glossy Crosshatch Ceramic Tile

white ceramic kitchen tile

How beautiful is this white crosshatch tile? Crosshatch is a lesser-used design for tile but it packs a visual punch when done correctly. In this kitchen, the white ceramic tile backsplash serves to create contrast with the neutral counters and decor. You can find your ceramic backsplash tile style from our kitchen backsplash tile ideas blog.

11. Storm Matte Chevron Tile

white bathroom tiles

Our storm matte chevron ceramic tile is a stunning visual combination that mixes grey with white. This bathroom almost looks unreal but we assure you that it is! Imagine using this stunning white ceramic bathroom tile to create drama in your bathroom.

12. White and Navy Blue Glossy Tile

This kitchen sparkles with a backsplash covered in our Navy Glossy Aura Colore Look Ceramic. White ceramic backsplash on kitchens can be as simple or ornate as you desire. Glossy white ceramic tile helps bring brightness that highlights additional colors printed in the tile enhancing the design.

13. Coral Print White and Gray Ceramic

white ceramic wall tiles

This subtle yet pristine layered glossy coral tile is superbly chic. We think of sunny skies and wide open spaces when we look at this stunning seashell-patterned ceramic.

14. White Diamante Ceramic Tile

Have you heard of Diamante-shaped tile? If not, then you are in for a treat! This geometric shape is fashioned from a classic diamond with elongated ends that can stand on its own or be used to create more intricate designs. The large hexagons in this bathroom show the versatility of this lovely shape.

15. White Brick Gloss Ceramic Tile

white ceramic backsplash tile

We could look at this white elongated brick ceramic tile all day. This kitchen backsplash really pops thanks to the white ceramic tile being outlined in dark grout. This white ceramic brick tile can also be made more understated by using white or neutral-colored grout.

16. Matte Orenji Matte Yagasuri Tile

yellow and white ceramic tile

Yellow and white are a novel pairing. This tile can be perfect for spaces in need of brightening. Our Orenji Matte Ceramic Tile is so elegant and cheerful that it’s hard to feel better just by taking on its beautiful hue. Also, there are other ceramic tile options to discover in our Wagara Collection.

17. Royal White Chevron Ceramic Tile

white ceramic bathroom tile

Royal White Glossy Ceramic Tile is always a fashionable choice. Believe it or not, this bathroom is actually in a modest home, even though it looks like a five-star hotel. You can use white ceramic tile backsplash to create a very regal look.

18. Rustic Ceramic Wall Decos

white ceramic wall tile

Looking for a more rustic result? These Rust Drip Ceramic Wall Decos are perfect for the job. The textured look of this white ceramic subway tile makes the room look more eclectic and lived in which is great for those who don’t desire an overpolished space.

19. Neutral Swirl Glossy Ceramic Tiles

white cluster patterned ceramic tile

These Neutral Swirl Glossy Nautilus Cluster Tiles are soft and understated, however, they are ideal for spaces that require delicate detail. The white ceramic tile in this room features glossy shells that create a palette of subtle charm.

Country Floors of America represented the 19 white ceramic tile ideas. Check out our blog and explore more ideas!

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