15 Benefits of Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

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Do you know the benefits of installing ceramic flooring in your bathroom? Ceramic bathroom floors have the potential to transform your existing space into a space that looks and functions beautifully. As with any other material, you will find that there are pros and cons of ceramic tile. In this article, we will focus on the pros because there are many!

If you are in the market for ceramic bathroom tiles for your floors, walls, or shower, read on to learn about the benefits. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how many ways ceramic tile can improve the look and quality of your home.

1. They’re Hard & Durable

bathroom tiles ceramic
Salaterra Ceramic Collection

That’s right! Ceramic bathroom tiles are incredibly hard and durable. Their durability is a primary feature that makes them optimal for use in bathrooms. Ceramic bathroom tiles are made to be long-lasting, tough, and resistant to scratches.

Professional installation will ensure that your bathroom ceramic tile will last 20 years (or more), so it is best to leave it to the experts. Professional installation will also help you keep down replacement costs over the years.

2. They Come in a Plethora Of Colors

ceramic tiles for bathroom
Status Ceramic Collection by Country Floors.

Ceramic has a wide range of available colors, so you can rest assured that you can have many options to choose the best ceramic bathroom tile that aligns with your dream design. Although there are many tile options for bathrooms, few will present you with the number of options available in ceramic. Whether you like white ceramic tiles, blue ceramic tiles, or want your space to feature bold black ceramic tiles, then you have plenty of options to make your vision a reality.

3. They Come in a Variety of Shapes

ceramic tile for bathroom shower
Status Ceramic Collection by Country Floors.

Ceramic bathroom tile also offers many fantastic options when it comes to unique shapes. You can go traditional and use standard square ceramic tiles or choose a geometric shape – like a hexagon ceramic tile or chevron ceramic tile. If you want an intricate design, consider ceramic tile mosaics. Ceramic tile can be cut into a plethora of fashionable shapes so you can even customize them by mixing sizes.

4. They Come in Many Captivating Patterns

4x4 ceramic bathroom tile
Delft Ceramic Collection by Country Floors.

If you fancy patterned tile then you are in luck. Ceramic bathroom tile can be finished with just about every print imaginable. You can have a bathroom full of tiles in lovely floral prints or go with some ultra-realistic-looking wood-look ceramic tiles. You don’t have to limit your vision with ceramic because the options for prints are abundant.

5. They Work On Floors

ceramic floor tile bathroom

The most well-known place for ceramic tiles is flooring. Ceramic tile floors are a tried and true staple in many homes because of their hardwearing ability. Installing ceramic tile on floors is a classic way to get beautiful floors that will hold up through years of use.

6. They’re Also Great for Walls

ceramic bathroom wall tiles
Sister Parish Ceramic Collection by Country Floors.

You read that right! You can use ceramic tile for bathroom walls! Pair ceramic flooring and walls for a floor-to-ceiling effect, or opt for flooring in a different material. Either way, you can look forward to a stylish and visually interesting result.

7. They Have Low Water Absorption

ceramic or porcelain tile for bathroom
Kasbah Ceramic Collection by Country Floors.

Ceramic tiles can absorb water, however, the amount of absorption is minimal, making them reliable choices for areas like bathrooms and kitchens. We suggest using glazed ceramic tiles for shower and bathroom installations.

8. They Can Be Used Inside Showers

ceramic wall tiles for bathroom
Wagara Ceramic Collection by Country Floors.

Ceramic tiles are also great choices for shower walls and floors thanks to a rate of low-water absorption. You will be impressed by how well they hold up in both aesthetics and function.

9. They Have Great Value

wall ceramic tiles bathroom
Seaside Ceramic Collection by Country Floors.

Few materials deliver more bang for their buck than ceramic bathroom tiles. Ceramic tiles work well for those seeking to renovate with a modest budget yet want a high-end investment. Compared to marble, porcelain, and granite, ceramic will always be more cost-effective.

10. They Have Versatile Applications

ceramic tile murals for bathroom
Desert Wildflowers Ceramic Collection by Country Floors.

Another benefit of ceramic tiles is that they can be paired seamlessly with other materials. Ceramic tile looks good paired with classic white fixtures as well as brass, gold, and stainless steel. You can even mix metals to achieve a one-of-a-kind look.

11. They’re Fire Resistant

is ceramic tiles good for bathroom

Ceramic tiles are made using highly intense heat. Therefore, they are resistant to fire and will not be easily damaged if they come into contact with hot appliances or liquids.

12. They’re Low Maintenance

One of the primary reasons homeowners love ceramic floor tiles is how simple it is to clean. Stains, liquids, and dirt can quickly be wiped and swept away without fear of damage to your tile. 

13. They’re Allergen Reducing

Ceramic bathroom tiles are hypoallergenic, so installing them will make those who suffer from allergies a lot more comfortable. Ceramic tile’s nonporous surface is resistant to harmful bacteria, and there are ceramic tiles available with antimicrobial properties.

14. They’re Easy to Install

We have to mention the ease of installation of ceramic bathroom floor tiles. Ceramic shower tiles and ceramic wall tiles are also fairly easy to install. It’s always recommended to trust the professionals for the best results, however, DIYers can still do a decent job at installing ceramic with great results.

15. And Finally, They’re Long-Lasting

All things considered, you cannot go wrong with ceramic tile in your bathroom. Your walls, floors, and shower will last for years and you can enjoy many days of a relaxing experience in one of your home’s most used rooms.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why ceramic tiles are some of the most popular choices for bathroom flooring and wall installations. Beautiful and durable, they’ll always be the right choice for a home renovation!

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