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Country Floors on Modern Luxury Interiors on March 8, 2023. The Thassos White Polished Marble Collection is featured in an article entitled “BHDM Design’s Dan Mazzarini Reimagines An Upper East Side Pied-A-Terre”.

Modern Luxury Interiors – BHDM Design’s Dan Mazzarini of BHDM Design reimagines an Upper East Side pied-a-terre for a busy family with sophisticated taste.

In the entry, sleek black marble and Thassos polished in a custom bordered pattern, courtesy of Country Floors.

Dan Mazzarini, principal and creative director of BHDM Design, brings together traditional Manhattan glamour with modern practicality in this reimagination of an Upper East Side abode. Designed for a family of four (plus their new puppy), Mazzarini utilized an upgraded version of typical deco details to create a luxurious yet relaxed vibe that suits the clients’ busy lifestyle.


The pandemic threw a wrench in the initial plan—literally. Despite signing on for the project pre-pandemic, Mazzarini and his team couldn’t start “swinging hammers” until after the city’s lockdown was lifted. “Working through COVID was certainly the most challenging part of this project, which included lengthy lead times for furniture and finishes,” Mazzarini explains. Additionally, working in a dated building proved challenging as well, as various inunit repairs and updates were needed. Mazzarini points to the clients’ trust in his team as a key factor in easing the stress of virtual and masked meetings.

The BHDM team reimagined millwork throughout.
The BHDM team reimagined millwork throughout.


As Mazzarini explains, the team “subtly affected the floor plan, but with important impact.” A staff kitchen became an open-layout kitchen and dining lounge where the family can share meals and memories. The entryway’s large closet turned into a seamless foyer, and secretive storage areas were carefully implemented under seats and beds. “Our team endeavored to make the spaces as gracious, tall and as generous as possible, with a focus on elegant and warm public spaces, and more intimate and cozy private beds and baths.” It’s safe to say that despite the challenges, the space emerged a stunning example of Modern Luxury Interiors – BHDM Design’s Dan Mazzarini mastery.

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