granite tiling

Granite tiles are a versatile building material that can be used in many different applications. They are often seen in kitchen countertops and flooring, but they also have other uses as well. Read on to find out more about granite tile!

Is Sleek Tiling Still on Trend?

You’d think by now that most of us would have had our fair share of plain, glazed tile. The sleek, stylish, and modern choice of natural stone tile solutions like marble with all its glamour, has been a favorite for almost the entirety of the 21st century so far. Of course, the sleek tiling traditions dig so deep into history. So that we walk on much the same flooring as those in the homes of history.

black granite countertops
Modern kitchen design in dark color for visual impact, black granite countertops, under-mount sink. Photo credit: @opkirilka

But the fact that modern stylists still don their floors with sleek and stylish stones. And why wouldn’t you want your home to feel like a palace, shows us that this is a “trend” that’s not going away just yet. The call for marble flooring is completely understandable. Modern glazed stones add an air of regality to any room and are effortless in the creation and cultivation of a relaxed and serene atmosphere.

What Makes Granite Tiling so Great?

As another great choice of prestige material for the modern interior, granite tile falls right into this bracket with marble. But why should you choose a granite floor tile for your home over marble tiling or another natural stone flooring?

Granite has been used for centuries to pave a variety of exterior projects. However indoors granite tends to be used in more decorative ways, such as countertops. In fact, few people really take the plunge into the unique and underrated style that granite floor tiling can offer.

Granite tiling choices are by far one of the strongest floor tiling options. This is true especially compared to more traditional materials such as ceramic and porcelain. They are long-lasting with very little effort and remain unaffected by the impact. That means no unseemly denting or cracking, and retain their finish after much friction. Granite’s durability makes it a great choice of floor tile for corridors, and other transitional areas of the home.

Where in the Home to Use Granite Flooring?

It pairs well with other materials where marble may steal the show and detract from other elements within a room. Mixing and matching the sleek granite tile options with other materials such as a bold or intricate pattern ceramic wall tile can offset the majestic but unceasing sleekness of glossy granite floor tile.

Black granite tiles in particular provide an air of the unusual without standing out in a garish way. Not usually found in more intimate areas of the home such as the living room or bedroom, introducing this to the home is a big step especially if you favor a colorful and light space. However, you might be surprised at just how peaceful a black granite floor can be, and there truly is no better choice when it comes to practical floor tiles for the home, that still ooze luster.

Some Choices from the Country Floors Collection…

Absolute Black Honed  – Perfectly smooth to the touch when it comes to texture, but with the speckled and tactile look of more traditional granite tiling, this black granite floor tile makes adding modernity and depth to the sleek tile trend easy. With a matte finish, this granite tiling makes a perfect floor tile for workspaces or even kitchens. It allows designers to take advantage of stylish, and modern natural stone floor tiles, without compromising on the overall function and feel of a room.

Absolute Black Flamed  – A finish that is unique to granite stone tiling, flamed black granite from Country Floors provides the gravelly texture that most of us think of when it comes to granite flooring. Again, this tile is great for workspaces and commercial buildings. Because it offers a level of slip resistance that a lot of sleek tiling choices disregard. As this method is used solely for granite stone tiles it’s a great out-of-the-box choice for an original space in the home.

Absolute Black Polished  – The tried and tested favorite, the polished granite floor tiles carry the same regality and opulence as black marble flooring, and are of course a common customer pick when it comes to tiles that fulfill the sleek tiling trend. With the deepest and most consistent black color available in the collection this is a great choice for a formidable living space, glossy and tranquil bathroom, or modern and serene bedroom.

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