Trend Watch 2015: Bold Pattern

la brea moresque ceramic tile
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Previously on the blog, we discussed two of the top trends of the year; wood-like tiles and hexagon shapes. With summer 2015 around the corner, the upcoming trend to look out for is a bold pattern! Just like in fashion, these bold patterns are appearing not only on fabrics but now on floor/wall tiles seen in homes and commercial spaces.

Going bold means anything/everything goes! From bright colors to funky shapes, having fun is key when designing with bold patterns. Create a focus point in your kitchen by adding this trend as a backsplash or place them on the floors of your home for a more dynamic design.

Country Floors has an impressive selection of decorative tiles, showcasing interesting patterns defined by shape, color, and sizes; see below for a list of our favorites!

Baba Chic Collection


multicolor mosaic limestone tiles


The Baba Chic Collection from Country Floors proudly brings the esteemed cultural heritage of Tunisian artisans to the marketplace. This eclectic collection of limestones and marbles offers a unique handcrafted approach to modern interior spaces. An approach that will certainly produce focal points of character.

Dimensions Collection


white marble waterjet tiles


Explore color, texture, pattern, and form with our beautiful Dimension Waterjet Collection.

The Dimension water jet collection features intricate interlocking mosaic tiles that form together to create a curvaceous geometric pattern. This unique collection ranges from soft whites to a stunning olive green guaranteed to elevate any bath, kitchen, or entryway. With a selection of a honed, multi, or polished finish these mosaic tiles yield endless possibilities.

Metropolis Collection

Metropolis is a term used rather vaguely in modern days but that is still widely recognized as a term of endearment when describing a city that had grown to become a cultural, business, and technological hub.

We have chosen several of these modern-day metropolis, which have over time strived and excelled in becoming design and lifestyle landmarks. The Metropolis Collection is an homage to each of these cities, a sign of gratitude to their designers, architects, artist, and creators who have given the world so much beauty.


Talya white marble kitchen tiles


The Talya Collection from Country Floors, designed by Sara Baldwin, is a beautiful, lyrical mix of water jet designs that are at home in the bath, kitchen, or grand entry. The Talya Collection is a refined study of designs using marble and stone, intertwining into lacework and modern geometries. The collection is formal and casual, elegant and understated.


la brea moresque multicolor ceramic wall tile


La Brea Moresque Collection

La Brea Boulevard was once the center of the ceramics and tile industry that flourished in California and Los Angeles during the early part of the 1900s. Tunisian, Moorish, and Spanish patterns in orange, turquoise, ultramarine, and black were favored heavily by the leading architects at the time. The La Brea Moresque Collection faithfully reproduces these extraordinary tiles. Made to order, these tiles can be produced in the colorways shown or customized in a variety of options.

Infinia Collection

Is the newest addition to Country Floors’ bold pattern and decorative tile. Infinia is a tiling system, based on a set of three triangles that can be laid out in an aperiodic, or non-repeating, pattern which results in interesting and unique pattern fields. The Infinia Wall Systems uses these three triangles and their mirrored shapes for a total of six unique tiles. The face of each triangular tile has an undulating surface that will always line up with the neighboring tile, no matter which pattern is followed. The tiles are inscribed with ¹⁄8“ wide grooves across the surface that create a smaller field of the same three triangles. The tiles are cast in integrally colored concrete and are available in four colors.

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