Ceramic tile has a legacy in design, art, and architecture that spans the centuries of humanity. The word "ceramic" comes from the Greek "keramos" or pottery. Therein lies the origins of the product. Country Floors is an industry leader with a selection of refined modern look.

These are great for expressing one's vision on all wet surfaces like bathrooms and kitchens. You can buy them as plain field tile in endless colors and sizes. Also, there are many tiles with a variety of designs and prints on them. You can have a classic tile collection like Sister Parish tiles, which reflect timeless fabric patterns. You can also have traditional designs like arabesque tile designs, or Morrocan tile patterns on modern-day ceramics.

Hotels bathrooms, Condo bathroom floor tile, shower tile, kitchen backsplash tile are some of the most common applications.

You can use them in commercial applications such as hotel bar walls and exposed kitchen decoration areas. In the hospitality sector, hotel entrances, reception desks, pools, and spas use ceramic tiles.

New finishes such as mat finish velvet glaze and crackled glazes add new dimensions to ceramic tile applications.

All residential interior tiles must be installed with unsanded grout and a good thin-set.

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