Color, Mood…. and Designing for Both, Part Three.

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Since this is the final post in our color, mood and design trilogy. We have covered nine colors so far and by way of review we have noted that there are very distinct human responses to color. For example, I have always been drawn to saturated, vibrant colors. Of course, individual human response to color is a tremendous variable.The respected Ms. Angela Wright, on her website Colour Affects, tells us that there are eleven emotional colors and we then described them below:

WHITE is hygienic.BLUE is intellectual.BROWN is serious GREEN is balance. PINK implies physical tranquility. RED is physical.BLACK is sophisticated and glamorous. YELLOW is emotional. VIOLET is spiritual. ORANGE is about physical comfort. GREY is psychologically neutral.

One last time on white since it is so often the clean neutral background on which so many other color values are “painted” in the context of stone and tile. Very often our Country Floors clients begin to plan through their kitchen tile ideas and their bathroom tile ideas with white as a design staple. Examples have been given of white-on-white ceramic settings and black-and-white marble mosaics where each color is a separate piece of marble. Our last example of using white will be an instance where white is the background color and the feature color is on the same piece of ceramic tile as you can see in the wonderful Delft pieces below from our Royal Makkum Collection.

If orange is about physical comfort, then how can you you design with the color and the mood in mind? How about combining the imagery of a comfort food and a physically comfortable color as seen below from the Novelda Collection?

-Our last color is grey. As a psychologically neutral color it can also be used as a design neutral back drop similar to white. Another easy incorporation of grey is as a statement making vein in a white marble such as our Carrara.

This concludes our thoughts on designing with color and mood. We appreciate your attention and hope that you stop by again.Until then, there are Country Floors locations all over America. Stop in and let them help you design with color and mood!

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