Cottages And Garden Magazine April 2016

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Country Floors is featured in Cottages And Garden Magazine in April 2016 showcasing our Infinia Wall System.

Infinia is a tiling system, based on a set of three triangles that can be laid out in an aperiodic, or non-repeating, pattern which results in interesting and unique pattern fields. The Infinia Wall Systems uses these three triangles and their mirrored shapes for a total of six unique tiles. The face of each triangular tile has an undulating surface that will always line up with the neighboring tile, no matter which pattern is followed. The tiles are inscribed with ¹⁄8“ wide grooves across the surface that create a smaller field of the same three triangles. The tiles are cast in integrally colored concrete and are available in four colors.

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Check out the article in Cottage and Garden Magazine.

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