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Country Floors Coverings 2018

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The stone, tile, and glass industry annually gather at an exhibition known as Coverings. This year, this event is in Atlanta; Country Floors will be displaying a few new collections that we hope will be well received by our client community. Let’s jump right in now, the title of this post is Country Floors Coverings 2018.

Country Floors Coverings 2018

A major offering this year is our Antique Glazed Terracotta. Images of this wonderful collection are throughout the post. We believe it’s very well designed with an eye towards usability in almost any design plan where the desire by the design team is for a certain stylistic approach that embodies old-world sensibilities.

We describe this collection further: “The Country Floors Antiqued Glazed Terracotta Collection continues the long cultural tradition of applying the decorative element of glaze to a classic terracotta body. The carefully created patterns in this collection offer any design team the opportunity to make a timeless comment in any space.

Country Floors Coverings 2018

Please stand by for more from Country Floors Coverings 2018. Thanks for reading!

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