Sand the New Neutral

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Sand the New Neutral. Did we really say that? Yes I think we did.  Gray, white, black and maybe navy. It seems that we’ve seen a lot of them come and go. Now, our good friends at Apartment Therapy have offered this up:”White and grey kitchens have dominated the scene for quite some time now. Sometimes we’ll get lucky and see some blue or green, or even something more dramatic, like black. But for the most part it’s neutrals, and for good reason. You don’t update your kitchen that often, so you want it to last a long, long time before you redo. If you are looking for a new neutral, here’s a fantastic alternative to the same old, same old.” So here is the spoiler alert. The author of the piece, Dabney Frake, reveals her true intention with this: “Let’s call it “sand” today, for lack of a better term.” So why not have some fun with this and determine if some of you really can accept: Sand the New Neutral.

Sand the New Neutral

We have opined before that every great economic downturn generally leads to some form of more stark design. Certainly the Great Recession that we faced a decade or so ago steered us, design-wise, from some very elaborate styles, to be kind in some cases, to a little bit more of a minimalist approach. Naturally, whites and grays followed along. Now, as we warm up economically, sand enters the picture as a new and somewhat comforting neutral element in design plans going forward.

Sand the New Neutral

Something we can be absolutely assured of. One person’s sand is another person’s beige is another person’s bone is another person’s washed-out gray. So with that said, we have posted two images. Immediately above is our Boise Collection and above that is Moresque. They both approximate a sand value and we will leave the exact interpretation up to you!

We have a fine footprint of locations across the United States and in the Caribbean where our design teams are more than happy to help you interpret sand.  We think we will leave the last word on this up to Dabney at Apartment Therapy when she concludes with this question.”What do you all think? Are you on board with “sand” or is it too close to a boring beige kitchen?”

Also, please take a look at our Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles and Classic Portuguese Blue Tiles, thanks again.

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