Country Floors in Rue Magazine’s Fall 2022

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We’re pleased to share the latest coverage of Country Floors in Rue Magazine’s Fall 2022 issue. The Chez Monet Collection is featured in the publication’s section entitled “New Discoveries,” which highlights the most stylish new trends in interior and exterior design.


Our lovely Chez Monet Collection is reminiscent of the artist’s very own tile that adorned his kitchen in Northern France. The collection consists of glossy ceramic tiles boasting solid white square tiles and square tiles. They are delicately painted with regal blue floral designs. The combination of blue and white is as eye-catching today as it was in Monet’s era.

We are honored to have our tile design featured among other stunning pieces that are currently making waves in interior design. In addition to our lovely Chez Monet Collection ceramic tiles, we have other stunning ceramics that are perfect for a range of interior design projects. From kitchens to bathrooms, we carefully designed our tiles to maintain their quality in all areas of the home.

Rue Magazine is a leader in all things home decor and lifestyle with a stunning online showcase as well as interior inspiration in print.

For more information on our Chez Monet Collection of ceramics and similar styles please explore our vast selection of ceramic tiles. We are sure to have an option that will allow you to turn your dreams of a picturesque home into a reality.

Thanks to @KelliLamb.

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