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Country Style Terracotta Tile

Country Style Terracotta Tile
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In the Fall of 2019, let’s revisit for a quick moment Country Style Terracotta Tile, as championed by our iconic Country Floors brand. We have always held a leadership position when it comes to authentic terracotta tile. In fact, in 1964, this organization essentially pioneered the category in the United States. Let’s review that a bit.

Mr. Norman Karlson, who founded Country Floors, was a brilliant connoisseur, collector, author, and traveler who developed a deep interest in historical tiles. While traveling in Europe as a professional photographer, he recognized the beauty and artistry of walls and floors covered in tile everywhere he went. The pervasive use of terracotta on the Iberian Peninsula was one of many applications that caught his eye.

Country Style Terracotta Tile
Tuscan Terracotta Collection

We have included two images from our Tuscan Terracotta Collection that call to mind the natural scenes that so inspired Mr. Karlson. This collection offers six curated patterns to stimulate your design senses. Please enjoy and thanks for reading.

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