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azulejos portugal blue tiles
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Portuguese blue tiles and blue tones… These are the main inspiration for the Miradouro Collection. In fact, Indian imports also inspired these colors. As you know, the role of a designer can be exciting and stressful in equal measure. But these mixed emotions are often part of the cause, especially when coming up with innovative takes on classic ceramic.

Portuguese blue tiles

Those wanting to mix the inspiration of years gone by with a modern spin will love what the Miradouro Classic Ceramic collection offers. Because Miradouro has an innovative range of tiles.

Although the Azulejo aesthetic was introduced in the 17th century, it remains just as popular today, especially when looking at some modern interpretations that can be found within the alluring Miradouro Class Ceramic tile collection. Like many collectives, the range is designed to offer choice and affordability. So regardless of whether you are aiming for an aesthetic that is innovative or wants to pay tribute to days gone by, both are possible.

The Inspiration Behind Portuguese Blue Tiles

portuguese blue tiles
Azulejo blue tile angel artwork on the wall of a building in Porto, Portugal.

We know that Indian designs of the time inspired the original Azulejo designs. But those that have visited Portugal will know that the designs have been molded into alluring and original works of art. You can frequently see these Portuguese blue tiles in various locations, including bars and restaurants.

Visiting locations that have different cultures often leads to inspiration. This is why so many homeowners shirk away from the conformity of templates and rules. This also creates spaces that are not only comfortable but also offer a unique vibe. It ensures the home reflects the personality of the person.

Grasp the Culture of Portugal With the Nostalgic Blue Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Camelias Glazed Ceramic Tile 6x6

Camelias Glazed Ceramic Tile

238b Garden Flowers Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile 6x6

238b Garden Flowers Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile

249a2 Gelosia Blanc Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile 6x6

249a2 Gelosia Blanc Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile


When looking for inspiration for home decor, it is important to remember that the limitations of the 20th century are no longer present. Although it is understandable why some would seek advice from professionals. It did sometimes mean the finished result was less than desirable.

Nowadays, those searching to makeover their current décor will be willing to embrace new ideas, and the popularity of imageboards and social networks means that inspiration is always around the corner.

For example, some are fearful of using tiles with traditional designs on the assumption it makes a property appear dated. But nothing could be further from the truth. The reason there are still several designs that evoke the historic aesthetics of yesteryear as they can be used in conjunction with modern tiles to deliver a look that is hard to achieve otherwise.


We can use these tiles in several ways. In some instances, some may use the Garden Flowers tiles to create a splashback that. This design is very unique. But it does not take focus away from the rest of the kitchen.

In other instances, some may want to create a respite that can be used for relaxation. Also, the bathroom can often be the primary focus when achieving this. As such, some may want to create a modern shower that still echoes the Portuguese culture of yesteryear.

Create a Bold Statement with Camelias Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Kaleidescope Multi Color Pattern 122m Glazed Ceramic Tile 6x6

Kaleidescope Multi Color Pattern 122m Glazed Ceramic Tile

Casal Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile 6x6

Casal Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile

Kaleidoscope Glazed Ceramic Tile 6x6

Kaleidoscope Glazed Ceramic Tile


Those searching for the passionate designs of Portugal with a bolder insignia will adore Camelias Glazed Ceramic Tiles. When we mix it with shades of white, we’ll see that the two create a perfect partnership. This partnership can make a room stand out.

Embrace a Series of Tones with the Kaleidoscope Multi-Colored Tiles

Many people recognize the blue hues offered with many of the tiles. But there will be those who are keen to embrace more color into space without having to stray away from the Portuguese theme. Fortunately, the Kaleidoscope Multi Coloured Tiles help celebrate the iconic design, while intertwining colors and patterns allowing for a bold but beautiful design in any part of the home.

The Kaleidoscope Multi Coloured Tiles are perfect for all types of projects. So regardless of whether you are injecting new life into a wet room or searching a stylish splashback, the Kaleidoscope Multi Coloured Tiles can deliver in both instances.

When considering the many different types of tile available, it is to become overwhelmed when considering the options available. However, those wanting to inject originality and warmness into the home mix modern design with classic compositions that help make a home unique and welcoming.

If you are keen to transform your home for the better, Portuguese blue tiles are worth trying.  If you want to discuss the options available from Country Floors then why not get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail?

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