Discover Marble Swirls with Salaterra Ceramic Collection

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In this article, we’ll discover dreamy caramel and marble swirls with the Salaterra Ceramic Collection. We know that looking for inspiration to inject some originality into the home can be difficult at times. But there are options available at Country Floors. We have been offering a wide range of awe-inspiring tiles. These tiles last the test of time and can provide the personality the home has been yearning for.

The application of marble swirls has been used in many different materials. For example, the use of marble swirls has been included in concrete applications for commercial premises, offering a unique look that becomes the centerpiece of the establishment. Of course, homeowners will not need to employ the same extreme measures to ensure swirls are included as part of the makeover.

Saturn Glossy Hexagon 5 Ceramic Tile 5

Saturn Glossy Hexagon Ceramic Tile

Haku Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile 3x9

Haku Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile

Sedona Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile 3x9

Sedona Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile


Although many people may have experienced with several different designs, the concepts of swirls can be new to some. However, this does not mean that they are any less desirable.

In fact, those looking for some personality and originality in the home will find that the Salaterra Ceramic collection is a fresh take on tiling that allows for several aesthetics to be delivered with ease.

The Salaterra Collection

The Salaterra Collection was created by Erin Adams and draws on a person’s willingness to create. The use of marble swirls also allows homeowners to inject a sense of flowing water and vegetation in a modern and unique way.

Anyone that has browsed the collections offered by Country Floors in the past will know that there is always a wide range of choice, regardless of the spectrum you are considering. The Salaterra Collection continues this trend by offering several variations that draw inspiration from the natural world and look great in any interior setting.

Subtle Japanese Influence Matched with Modern Design

The mountains of Japan inspired the Haku tiles, and their creative aesthetics allow for a modern take in the bathroom or social space that will always be a conversation starter at parties.

mount fuji
Mt.Fuji with cherry blossom tree. Photo Credit: @sungsamorn

The Haku influence has made itself prominent around the home in many different guises. Eco-friendly furniture has been propelled into the limelight and draws inspiration from Japanese culture. You can purchase some prints that add the calmness and coolness of the Japanese mountains to the home.

Given the popularity of the Haku trend, it should come as no surprise that the influence has been recognized in the tile industry. Country Floors can offer another range of tiles that pays homage to its inspiration

The Haku tiles are available in two different aesthetics. These are the Haku Glossy Ceramic Tiles, and the Haku Glossy Hexagon Ceramic Tiles. Both offer the natural aesthetics associated with Japanese culture, with the Haku Glossy Hexagon Ceramic Tiles offering a uniform aesthetic that can be used with other tiles for utterly unique décor.

Saturn Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile 3x9

Saturn Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile

Haku Glossy Hexagon 5 Ceramic Tile 5

Haku Glossy Hexagon Ceramic Tile

Sedona Glossy Hexagon 5 Ceramic Tile 5

Sedona Glossy Hexagon Ceramic Tile


Enjoy a Warm and Inviting Influence

Just as the Haku tiles are inspired by Japanese culture, the Sedona stylings were inspired by the high desert in Arizona. The influences do not end here as drawing influences from the icy rings of Saturn.

In principle, this may seem like a strange combination. But we ensure that our customers can purchase a product that is truly unlike anything else.

The design world is one that is fast-paced and always evolving in many industries, including tiles. Fortunately,  we always ensure its range has all the elements customers are searching for when it comes to tiles.

This allows for a bespoke approach to make over the home that offers a fresh style that can be enjoyed for several years.

The influences are blended to deliver the Salaterra Ceramic range. They offer an unformed choice of tiles that each have their own unique charm and characteristics.

Sedona Glossy Ceramic Tile

The Sedona Glossy Ceramic Tiles offer black and white marble swirls. These swirls are matched with other intertwining tones that contribute towards a fresh and alluring design. They allow for a more spacious and unique space that can be enjoyed with friends and family. These tiles deliver a warm glow to any property due to their Arizonian influences.

Those who are looking for a more subtle approach that offers the same inspiration as the Sedona Glossy Ceramic Tiles only with more subtle accents may want to consider the black and grey accents found with the Saturn Hexagon Glossy Ceramic Tiles.
marble swirls terrain ceramic

The lack of color in the Saturn Hexagon Glossy Ceramic Tiles does not mean that the range should be overlooked. It is merely a design that takes a different approach with its influence. And it offers a sleek and stylish aesthetic that still has undertones of times gone by with a hexagonal overture.

Searching for floor tiles should be part of the journey when carrying out a project, not a limitation. This is why Country Floors ensures that there is always a choice of original and affordable tiles. They will not only help with current makeovers but can help inspire future ones.

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