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Embrace Colorful Artisan Tiles with the Aqua Forte Collection

artisan tiles
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The concept of creativity can be subjective. But the demand for tiles that emulate the many handcrafted inspirations from around the world showcases just how popular the artisan approach to interior design is.

The artisan trend derives from skilled workers who create works of art by hand. But it can also embrace other artistic elements. Essentially, the artisan trend is about capturing what excites you and combining these experiences to create your own artisan abode.


The world of interior design has evolved dramatically. This is especially true since many have adopted the Internet to share their inspiration with the rest of the world. This in conjunction with a wide selection of unique and affordable materials ensures that home makeovers are no longer a chore, but a pleasure.

Despite the amount of choice available, it is understandable that the choice can overwhelm some people available. This is true, especially when browsing the available options for the first time.

Fortunately, Country Floors understands the importance of choice and can cater to all, regardless of their end goal. We have a wide choice of tiles in stock at Country Floors. We also have several options available to those wanting to embrace artisan trends without spending a small fortune.


Why Is the Artisan Trend So Popular?

Although there is plenty to enjoy about the aesthetics that the artisan trend can offer, there are many other reasons why people have embraced the Bohemian approach to interior design.

Individuality is something that everyone interested in interior design shares. And the designs within the artisan trends are truly one of a kind. This combined with hand-made furniture and fixtures allows you to experience a home that is original, comfortable, and welcoming to all.

The artisan approach to interior design is one that should be experienced. It allows a lifestyle to adjust to a steadier pace and embracing the finer details. There is also plenty of room regarding the type of design you choose.

Just as there are many works of art in the world, there are also many routes that can be taken with the artisan trend, which allows for some truly awe-inspiring homes.

Artisan tiles
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For example, those drawing inspiration from art with minimalist overtures can embrace unique pieces of furniture that still stand out, despite the tones used.

Do you want to create a living space you can truly call your own? Then why not start your journey with the following artisan-inspired tiles available from Country Floors?

Indigo Ottoman Tiles Offer a Mesmerising and Clean Aesthetic for the Home

In the past, many will have conformed to various colors when making over the home. But the abundance of inspiration within the artisan trend means that people are more daring. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should be left with an abode with clashing rooms.

The Indigo Ottoman Textile Marble Tiles deliver a unique manner as it draws inspiration from the many fabric designs created by artistic minds over the years while ensuring heavy foot traffic is never an issue.

indigo ottoman textured tiles

The artisan trend embodies many designs, and those looking for a unique but clean design that can be maintained with ease. Blue and white are matched effortlessly with a loop pattern that draws on Bohemian design with a modern overture.

Those wanting to instill a regal design that still draws on the artisan trend can opt for the Gold Ottoman Textile Marble Tiles. This can contribute towards a beautiful bedroom or lavish living room.

If you like the tones of the Indigo Ottoman Textile Marble Tiles but prefer a different texture, then there are plenty of other options to choose from within the Aqua Forte Collection.

Enjoy the Balanced Tones of Indigo Marble Tiles

The amount of choice regarding tiles means there is something for every, regardless of how quirky your tastes are. The organic foundations of many artistic works are another inspiration. So it should come as no surprise to find earthy textures included in many tiles.

The perfect example of this can be witnessed with the Indigo Marble Tiles. These tiles embody artistic flair perfectly by delivering a brushed aesthetic with a luxurious blue. This is perfect for those wanting to make the right impression when friends and family call.

The tiles offer a unique aesthetic that offers an acid-washed effect that effortlessly blends elements of nostalgia with contemporary notes.

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