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Chic and Versatile Laundry Rooms

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That’s right. We said chic laundry rooms. The Washington DC-based design magazine Home & Design has a few ideas on how to bring luxury and elegance to this utilitarian space. Including handmade terracotta tiles from Country Floors.

HomeDesign Manorca Antique Linen
Home & Design Magazine in Washington DC recommends Country Floors’ Manora Tile from the Antique Mallorca terra cotta collection to warm up a laundry room.

Laundry That’s Chic and Clean

If you’re like us, you look forward to the unique zen moment that is laundry day. Even if generally someone else does your laundry, during the pandemic chances are you’ve been back to doing it on your own. So now you’re newly (and deeply) reacquainted with your laundry room. Maybe you’d like to spruce it up a bit. If so, you can check out the Home & Design article.  It suggests using some really great lighting, a deep laundry sink finished in a cool granite composite and our Vintage Linen Manora tile. It’s from the Antique Mallorca terra cotta line. That line has several other cool patterns from which to choose. Here are just a few:

Antiqued Mallorca by Country Floors terra cotta tile great for laundry rooms
Antiqued Mallorca by Country Floors patterns in the Vintage Linen color.  L to R: Ikat, Tulips, India and Flama.

Versatile and Vivacious

Beyond being gorgeous, luxury laundry rooms also often combine with other utility areas to make one big, luxurious place for getting clean and organized. Two things we’ve never need more than we do now. We’ve rounded up a couple of these inspiring spaces for you, both created by design professionals in beautiful northern California.

Nick Luengo Construction combined a laundry room, pantry, and mudroom, with a stunning foundation of our Chester Paid marble tile. Photo: Nick Luengo Construction/Instagram


This space is a trifecta of the mudroom, the pantry, and the laundry room. In this Alamo, California home custom builder Nick Luengo filled the room with handy storage, copious counter space, lots of light, and pristine finishes. The sky-blue painted millwork is handsome indeed. And we are coveting all of those drawers.

The Best Part

However, Nick says his favorite part of this room is the floor. Is it wrong that we agree? With the soft, matte beauty of honed stone, it almost imitates a woven buffalo check area rug but is so much easier to keep clean. Our Chester Plaid stone flooring in Brittania Light, Snow White, and Black marble is a cinch to clean. It just needs a quick vacuum or on muddy days a damp mop to look brand new. It imparts that modern farmhouse looks that’s cozy yet crisp.

Clean Up on Aisle D.O.G.

And of course, we can never forget designer extraordinaire Dina Bandman.  Her truly fabulous laundry room came complete with a pooch shower station! This is an example of pulling out all the stops.  She did custom shades, and elegant and high-drama wallpaper, treating it as you might every other room in your home. This was a San Francisco Decorator Showcase installation that had everybody talking. And barking! To learn more about this beautiful room and see more images of it, be sure to check out our entire interview with Dina.

Your four-legged pal deserves a shower, too! Design by Dina Bandman Interiors. Floor: Marmara marble mosaic from our Talya collection. Photo: Christopher Stark www.christopherstark.com
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