Enjoy Dramatic Rich Jewel Tones with Firenze Ceramic

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In this article, we’ll look at how to enjoy dramatic rich jewel tones with Firenze Ceramic Tile Collection. When searching for tiles for a makeover, there can be several factors that need to be considered. Of course, affordability can be a huge factor to consider. But those looking for reliable wall tiles should not focus on the price alone.

Although it is important to find tiles that fit within the budget, it is also important to ensure that the materials being purchased are suitable for the project being worked on.

jewel tones firenze ceramic

Concentrating on price alone could also mean you are limiting your options when it comes to the availability of tiles. We understand how integral it is to have access to tiles that not only offer practicality but also offer an aesthetic that fits in with the rest of the home.

Being stylish does not have to cost a small fortune. Thanks to fresh and innovative tiles like the Firenze Ceramic range. Those seeking the perfect balance of glamor and drama will find these in Firence Ceramic.  This collection can offer this in abundance.

Firenze is the English translation for Florence, so those searching for a sophisticated style can be assured the Firenze Ceramic Tile Collection is perfect for those wanting to introduce Italy into the home.

The following is an overview of the rich jewel tones, colors, shapes, and textures available within the Firenze Ceramic range.

The Benefits of the Firenze Ceramic Tile Collection

Gardenia Glossy Ceramic Tile 8x8

Gardenia Glossy Ceramic Tile

Clouds Glossy Ceramic Tile 8x8

Clouds Glossy Ceramic Tile

Stormy Glossy Ceramic Tile 8x8

Stormy Glossy Ceramic Tile


Having an aesthetic that is alluring is all well and good, but there will be people who are keen to ensure that the tile they use serves a practical purpose.

There are many areas in the home that need more protection against foot traffic than others. For example, the bathroom and kitchen are two areas that will receive significant foot traffic on a regular basis. As such, those wanting to obtain some resilience from their makeover.


Of course, resilience is just as important in the workplace, as is safety. Using inferior tiles that do not offer any traction means employees face the possibility of an accident.

While there are several tile variants available that will offer robustness, the Firenze Ceramic Tile Collection is one that is practical, warm, and inviting.

An Affordable Italian Aesthetic That Delivers a Rustic Modern Vibe

Stone Glossy Ceramic Tile 16x16

Stone Glossy Ceramic Tile

Liquid Gold Glossy Ceramic Tile 8x8

Liquid Gold Glossy Ceramic Tile

Milky Way Glossy Ceramic Tile 6x6

Milky Way Glossy Ceramic Tile


Relying too much on the rustic inspiration can mean that our surroundings run the risk of becoming dated. However, trying to keep on top of trends that are not to our liking can mean that we are left with a modern space that does not inspire us.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tiles that can be used to achieve the perfect balance of modern and rustic aesthetics, while also being practical and affordable.

The reason Italy remains a tourist hot spot is partly due to the timeless design experienced throughout the country. And also this Bohemian but stylish aesthetic can now be introduced into the home thanks to the Firenze Ceramic tile collection.

A Wide Choice of Tiles for Base Colours

firence ceramic jewel tones
Rich Jewel Tones of Firenze

Thanks to the abundance of choice on offer from Country Floors. We assure those wanting to carry out a makeover on their home regardless of their project. Because the perfect color and texture are always available.

Those wanting to set a base tone for the room they are decorating can choose from several tiles within the Firenze range. Colors including Clouds and Gardenia that are looking for the appeal of white, without it being overwhelming when contrasting with other decors.

Those determined to deliver a darker tone need not worry, as there are several options available to achieve this. Including Smoky and Stone.

The abundance of choice concerning colors means there is plenty of scope for originality throughout the premises. This is regardless of whether you are wanting to spruce up your residence or ensure your business premises are looking their best inside and out.

Premium Colours for Passionate Projects

There are many other colors and textures that we can introduce to deliver a multitude of makeover ideas. We also offer a wide choice of tiles that are perfect for creating the foundations of base colors.


There can be times when the vision we have is perplexing to bring to life, but thanks to Country Floors achieving the style we have in mind is a lot easier. Those wanting to introduce the wonderment of the night sky into their home could consider using Milky Way tiles, which also introduce an heir of sophistication to any space.

Maybe you are searching for the Midas touch regarding a makeover. Once again, the Firenze range steps into the breach with the luxurious but affordable Liquid Gold tiles. Not only are customers able to appreciate the premium gold aesthetic, but also introduce an heir of fluency into the home that can be attributed to the liquidity of the design. You can find more dramatic rich jewel tones in the Firenze Ceramic Tile Collection.


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