Get Creative with the Slab Backsplash Trend

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It is easy to get creative with the slab backsplash trend. In the past, it would be easy to overlook the appearance of a backsplash, believing it to only serve a practical use. Of course, a kitchen backsplash or splashback must carry out its role effectively. But this does not mean it must appear drab and uninspired.

Slab Backsplash Trend

If you are searching for some inspiration when concerning backsplashes, but you are unsure of where to start, then why not ignite some individuality with the slab backsplash trend.

slab backsplash
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Many would-be forgiven for assuming that a slab backsplash would be limited from a design viewpoint. But nothing could be further from the truth. The implementation of a slab backsplash can meet these demands effortlessly. This is regardless of whether you are wanting to create a timeless, rustic appearance or a modern aesthetic that stands out,

We offer a wide choice of tiling. We also ensure it stays on track with current trends. There are plenty of options for those wanting to give their residence a makeover. Same for people who want their business premises a new lease of life.

Mix and match different tiles for a unique style. So that you can call your own or choose from various materials to create a streamlined professional expression that matches the vision of your business.

Why Consider a Slab Backsplash?

Although homeowners will want to ensure that they are staying up to date with trends, they will not want to use something for their home that is nothing more than a gimmick. Fortunately, the implementation of the slab in the kitchen serves more than an aesthetic purpose.

slab backsplash

This does not mean that slab appears uninspired in the kitchen, quite the opposite in fact. Even though the slab is an affordable material, it adds a premium aesthetic to the kitchen that is difficult not to be impressed by.

Using a slab backsplash ensures your walls are protected from the perils of the kitchen. Everyone knows how much work a kitchen must go through on a daily basis. Without the appropriate backsplash, you could find that the kitchen starts to show signs of wear.

The type of slab backsplash used can depend on the type of environment you are working with. As such, Country Floors has ensured there is a wide choice of materials available for those searching to reinvent their kitchen space, including a backsplash.

Regardless of whether you are looking to update the style of your current backsplash or merely want to ensure that your new backsplash can meet the demands of a modern kitchen, a slab backsplash can deliver both in equal measures.

Introducing the Marea White Polished Porcelain Slab

Searching for the right slab backsplash can be an overwhelming process at times. If you are looking for a slab backsplash for the first time, you may need some guidance.

Of course, everyone has their preferences when it comes to home decor, but those looking for a simple but effective splashback should consider the Marea White Polished Porcelain Slab.

Using white means it can fit in with the foundations of many kitchens without having to change their decor. On the other hand, the discreet but effective design ensures there is still character introduced into their kitchen. You can keep it still discreet enough to allow the rest of the kitchen to flourish.

slab backsplash

Why Consider Marea White Polished Porcelain Slab?

Using Marea White Polished Porcelain Slab won’t be for everyone. But there will be plenty of projects that can take full advantage of this slab. Those who purchase their backsplash materials from Country Floors can enjoy an abundance of benefits.

Not only can customers ensure they have access to various materials that can help transform a conventional space into a wondrous environment.

Country Floors understands not everyone will know what materials to source, which is why also offers a superb level of customer service that ensures all questions and queries are answered promptly.

If you are currently considering a makeover but are searching for some additional advice, then why not get in touch with Country Floors to discuss your requirements in more detail. As well as help and advice, you can also discuss samples to ensure that you are choosing the right material for your project.

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