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The way in which we work with colors and textures has changed over the years. It is much like a relationship built with different colors. There was once a time when using pink would be limited to feminine spaces. But this is no longer the case. Especially for pink tiles.

People of all sexes are finding that being able to explore the full-color spectrum allows for some distinct spaces that are fresh and inspired. This can be one of the reasons why using pink has become so prominent in recent years.

pink tile
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Country Floors not only looks to stay abreast of current trends but also strives to create new ones. Therefore, those searching to unleash the power of pink in their home will find that the following tile ranges are perfect for achieving this.

Blossom Vienna

One of the reasons why Country Floors has become so popular concerning flooring can be attributed to the way different styles are melded together to create something new. Blossom Vienna made this evident. While carrying elements of nostalgia, it also instills a modern overlay that creates a premium pink addition to the home.

pink tile

If you have been reserved about using pink in the past on the assumption it is an overwhelming color, then using Blossom Vienna could be the perfect introduction to pink.

Rosie The Pink Tile

If you are already a fan of pink, you will be keen to draw out the warm tones of pink. In this instance, the Rosie ceramic tiles could be the perfect addition to your project. A soft pastel overtone allows the rose-like accent of pink to be echoed in the home, without appearing overwhelming.



Those striving to achieve a style that is earthy may be bored with conventional offerings. So why not work with pink and achieve something original? The Apricot ceramic tiles deliver a burnt, rustic aesthetic that showcases how diverse the use of pink is.


Rosie Tear Field

One of the reasons why pink can be so popular among those wanting to reinvent their home is because of how flexible it is. This is true especially when you can source the correct tiles. If you guessed pink is the wrong choice for the bathroom, then allow yourself to be inspired by the Rose Tear Field tiles.

Coral Mist Glossy Surfs Up Ceramic Tile 6x6

Coral Mist Glossy Surfs Up Ceramic Tile

Rosie Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile 3x6

Rosie Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile

Rosie Glossy Tear Field Ceramic Tile 3 5/8x8

Rosie Glossy Tear Field Ceramic Tile


These charming tiles showcase how sophisticated using pink can be. They also withstand the stress a bathroom must go through, offering value for money.

Rosie Hexagon Ceramic Tiles

Fans of pink will often want to introduce other colors into the mix, and using the Rosie Glossy Hexagon tiles are perfect for this. As well as experiencing the calming tones of the rose-inspired pink are missed with other matte tones perfect for those wanting to reinvent their kitchen.

Coral Mist

Are you looking for something that celebrates the design of yesteryear with a modern delivery? The Coral Mist tiles are perfect for those looking for something daring that still has a professional aesthetic that is easy to manage as well as robust.

Rose Glossy Ceramic Pink Tiles

A brick wall effect can be the perfect focal point when used in the appropriate way. But not everyone wants to rely on the conventional offerings available. Fortunately, Country Floors can step into the breach with another pink-inspired classic, the Rosie Glossy Ceramic Tiles.


A simple but effective pink tone is matched with the brick design many are familiar with and also offers tributes to the past. Thanks to its nostalgic character.

Rosie Glossy Pencil Ceramic Mouldings

Giving the home a new lease of life is made up of several components. As well as ensuring that your tiles can carry out their role, it is also important to ensure the correct type of transition is in place.


Not only can Country Floors offer a wise choice of tiling options but can also ensure they are complemented by various moldings, including the Rosie Glossy Pencil Ceramic Moldings. Using Rose Glossy Pencil Ceramic Moulding ensures the style is perfected. This is especially true regardless of whether you are using pink as a base color. Or if you simply use it sporadically around the home.

The pink tile options listed are merely an overview of the tiling options available when shopping with Country Floors. Regardless of whether you are looking for some advice or just wanting to inquire about the sourcing of samples, then why not get in touch with Country Floors to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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