Heritage Tiles: The Union of Tradition and Creativity

heritage tiles
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In this article, we’ll discover why Country Floors is renowned for its Heritage Tile Collections. Despite the many forms of modern architecture being introduced, there is still a demand for classic designs. These can offer something different from the conventional tiles available.

heritage tiles

Heritage Tile Collections

Of course, there can be times when tiles are expensive. It is not always easy to find the exact tone and color we are looking for. Although homeowners are keen to instill a heritage vibe to the property, some may feel that modern architecture cannot benefit from tiles bearing a heritage design. There are plenty of options available for those searching for heritage-inspired tiles. It’s merely a case of finding the right tile provider.

Country Floors understands how important choice is when making a change to the home. And also we understand that sleek and modern tiles are not for everyone. Therefore, we ensure that there is always a wide range of choices concerning heritage floor tiles. Thus we can advise on the many looks that you can achieve with different combinations of its range.

The introduction of the Heritage range of tiles is that they meet the demands of the New Heritage trend, which draws in inspirations laid down by our Edwardian and Victorian ancestors. It matches with many other tiles to deliver a timeless look that still has an heir of modernity.

As with the many other tile ranges offered by Country Floors, the Heritage range has not focused solely on one design. Even though there is a demand for nostalgic tiles, this does not mean that those looking to deploy a makeover should have limitations. The following is an overview of some of the tiles available with the luxurious Heritage range from Country Floors.

Glazed Malibu X Ceramic Tiles

When looking for inspiration concerning heritage tiles, the designs can span from all over the world. This is highlighted by the Glazed Malibu X Ceramic Tiles, which draws their inspiration from Spanish and Moorish of bygone eras styles that were popularised in Southern California during the early 20th century.

The bold colors of the Glazed Malibu X Ceramic Tiles are a perfect balance of boldness and sophistication.

They are created using a technique called “cuerda seca” which is also referred to as resist-line technology. This technique offers a texture and design that pops and adds character to any environment

Not only can Country Floors create tiles that use the colors you choose, but also these tiles include all borders, murals, and trims. A beautiful rustic tile that celebrates yesteryear while offering everything the modern home requires.

Achieve Nostalgic Aesthetics with Academie Glazed Ceramic Tiles

The blue hues of heritage tiles are something that was introduced during the 15th and 16th centuries, and its classic roots are shown in the Academie Glazed Ceramic Tiles.  Academie Glazed Ceramic Tiles are a perfect application, offering a firm balance of strength and appeal.  It will give the bathroom a breath of new life and add some style to a dated backsplash.

To get the benefits that blue and white tiles can offer, those looking to make a difference in the home need to ensure that they are using a robust tile that is adaptable, such as the Faience Blue Tile Collection. Each tile is glazed and hand-painted. So, those looking for an authentic nostalgic look will find that this is effortless when using the Faience Blue Tile Collection.

Tap into Your Nomadic Influence with the Tapestry Tile Collection

Some homeowners are keen to embrace the ones that resonate with heritage tiles. But others may focus on the textures. And those looking for a tile that is perfect to the touch should consider the Tapestry Tile Collection.

One of the fantastic tiles available in the Tapestry Tile Collection is the Alabaster Glazed Ceramic Tiles. The design encompasses the floral and geometric patterns popular during the period. It introduces a choice of 16 colors that include matching solids as well as times and borders.

Not only do the Alabaster Glazed Ceramic Tiles offer a series of tiles detailing their influences of textile art but can also be matched with several other tile variations that Country Floors offer.

When searching for tiles, a lot of choices can mean that the process is overwhelming in some instances. Country Floors knows the importance of asking for advice. We are happy to advise on tile collections that fit in with your project as well as your budget.

Country Floors also allows customers to order samples of tiles they like.  So there is never any need for a makeover to take longer than it should.

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