Gray is Good: Trending Colors for Fall 2013

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Gray is good for 2013. At least according to our friends at Pantone and Sherwin Williams. Pantone announced its Fall 2013 colors which included the color “Turbulence” shown below left. Sherwin Williams gave us “Outerspace” and “Rare Gray” which are shown below center and right. As we look at these three color values we see a medium gray, a blue gray and a very cool crisp gray.

As previously discussed in this space, the well respected color psychologist, Ms. Angela Wright, on the site Colour Affects, says that eleven emotional colors exist  and  gray is thought to be “psychologically neutral”. To quote from one of our sister sites ” Gray moves through our consciousness like a color looking for a friend.” What we are trying to say is really simple. As a trending color in 2013, gray is quite often paired with more aggressive color values in order to achieve a design whole. So with that said, here are few tips on using gray stone and gray tile.

  • Glass is great

There are so many ways to use glass in 2013 that it is hard to suggest where to start. At the top of this post you will see hints of gray paired with white marble in a very artistic interpretation from our Odyssey Collection. Then you can see below an item from the Sorbetto Collection that pivots away by using pencil type shapes to achieve a linear thought.

  • Porcelain tile is tough

In a space that may need to stand up to some rough treatment, why not use a hard wearing porcelain tile? Bring gray into the equation with a product from our Vecchio Cemento Collection. The color “Gris Argento” or silver gray is presented  below.

  • Ceramic is simple

In so many ways an artful ceramic glaze in gray can move the color from being the understudy to being the star. The Bedford Collection effortlessly elevates gray to stardom.

  • Metal is hip

Everywhere we look metallic accents are being talked about . So let’s work with that in silver/gray expressions.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and there are Country Floors locations all over America. Stop in and let them help you turn your gray ideas into beautiful spaces that you will love!

For more on gray designs, check out Colour Affects.

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