Dimension Water Jet Collection

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The manner in which various Interlocking Stone Elements maybe be utilized in the world of interior design has been discussed quite a few times in this space. Not only have those thoughts included pattern, but they have also paid attention to other key parts of the design process such as texture and color.

Dimension Water Jet Collection is not your average tile and mosaic. This gorgeous elegant collection is based off of four design elements: color, texture, pattern and form. With it’s curvaceous forms interlocking with one another they create intricate geometric patterns. From neutral colors to finishes of honed, multi and polish this product is soft, subtle and absolutely stunning. Suitable for kitchen, bath or entry way the unique mosaic tiles will have you wanting to plan out your next project.

Curious about how these tiles are created? Well the process, just like the tile itself, will intrigue you. Based off a computer generated drawing the water jet machine uses abrasive particles and ultra high pressured water to cut the material to the precise shape and size of the design. This technique not only offers a unique design element but also endless possibilities surely to impress just about anyone.

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