Skyline Pave Antico by Country Floors

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Skyline Pave Antico by Country Floors is a dramatic re-adaptation in the pairing of stone and style. The result is the harmony of horizon and terrain as rarely seen. As a metropolitan horizon is as unique as a human fingerprint, it’s similar to the totally individual character that each piece of natural stone possesses.

As seen at the top of this post, the view of Seattle, Washington nicely exemplifies the individuality of the peaks and valleys of its skyline. In juxtaposition, below you can see the blessedly unique features that natural stone, as delivered by Skyline Pave Antico by Country Floors, brings to any interior design plan.

This interesting collection is composed of four wonderful sizes in the Palacio Versailles pattern that are “a statement… a statement of design… a statement of who you are. This stunning yet classic selection of sizes and shapes, combined with the unique characteristics of this stone will add intrigue to every room”.

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