Pairing Marble and Ceramic Tile

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Pairing marble and ceramic tile is a formidable design statement when done correctly. This synergistic coupling can firstly, add more color choices from the pantheon of ceramic tile to enhance the marble. Then secondly, the marble can contribute depth, formality and general gravitas to the ceramic tile. Taken together they are greater than the mere sum of the parts. Let’s dive into this for moment. The image at the top of this post is a reasonably refined example.The marble in the image is from the Country Floors Afyon Sugar Harmony Collection and the ceramic tile is a part of the Miradouro Collection. The perceived refinement and elegance in the pairing lies in the intertwining of the veining in the stone with the featured colors in the ceramic tile. In essence, distinct patterns cohabiting in the space to the greater benefit of the design plan.

Of course, almost all elements of interior design in 2014 have historical precedents and pairing marble and ceramic tile is no exception. Shown below is the iconic Alphonso XIII Hotel in Sevilla. Originally commissioned by the Spanish monarch of the same name in 1916 to host Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, this landmark is a living example of the marriage of marble and ceramic at it’s finest. Thanks for reading and stay tuned to this space for more design plan ideas featuring stone, tile and terracotta.

Pairing marble and ceramic tile

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