Natural Stone Tile Backsplash Ideas You’ll Love

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Why not reinvent your kitchen with a natural stone backsplash? It’s gorgeous, timeless, and a great way to add some character to any kitchen.

When selecting a natural stone tile backsplash, it can be tricky to choose the right design to pair nicely with your floors. To make it easier, we have nine ideas to coordinate your natural stone backsplash with your kitchen floor tiles.

So let’s look at some natural stone backsplash ideas and get inspiration for your kitchen!

1. Honed Limestone Kitchen Tiles

When it comes to natural stone kitchen backsplash design ideas, there are a couple of mistakes customers make when undertaking their kitchen renovation.

Initially, people opt for granite countertops and get stuck choosing the right backsplash and kitchen floor tile. Of course, the most popular classic kitchen renovation features polished granite counters and subway tiles backsplashes. However, a honed limestone tile is a perfect choice when it comes to a traditional kitchen with matte finishes. Honed limestone has a matte finish and doesn’t look dull in a modern kitchen. It’s an intelligent way to achieve a rustic look for your kitchen.

Honed Limestone Floor

Stone tiles are very welcoming in the heart of the homeroom –– the kitchen. A honed limestone floor like this Britannia Honed Limestone Tile can bring warmth and character to your kitchen and house.

Honed Limestone Backsplash

Pair your kitchen limestone floor with this beautiful limestone backsplash tile, the Olive Green Honed Limestone Tile 12×12. Its soft, warm neutral tones will add an authentic character to your kitchen.

2. White & Gray Kitchen Tiles

Make the most of one stone in different colors or shades, like white and gray. With this design, your kitchen will have both a dramatic feel and clean lines. A perfectly matched stone floor and backsplash will add a pleasing feel and look to your kitchen. Matching white and gray stone floors and walls will enhance small kitchens while maintaining their inherent structure and delicate appearance.

White & Gray Floor

This 3D white and grey marble floor – Snow White, Avalon Multi-Finish York Marble Mosaic 11 15/16×11 15/16 – will enhance your room and kitchen backsplash.

White & Gray Backsplash

A grey stone backsplash kitchen can look chic, especially with white tile. For grey and white stone backsplash kitchen ideas, this diamond chequer board white and grey marble backsplash – Avalon, Glacier, Snow White Multi Finish Devon Marble Mosaic 12 1/2×12 1/2– sets off a wall and looks stunning.

3. Premium Look Kitchen Tiles

Go for elegance with a marble mosaic. Choose a marble that makes a statement for the kitchen in your home. Refined marble will last decade upon decade. These marble kitchen mosaics look unique when accented with cabinet handle details like chrome or gold.

Premium Look Floor

A kitchen design will be transformed by a luxury premium look floor, like these Chevron Skyline Vein Cut Honed Marble Waterjet Decos 13×10.

Premium Look Backsplash

When you want to create a stylish kitchen wall, a striking, elegant backsplash like this Skyline, Snow White Honed Ponte Marble Mosaic 14 5/16×14 5/16 will look incredible.

4.3D Look Kitchen Tiles | Trompe-l’œil

Inspiration for kitchen backsplash stone tile ideas doesn’t get much better than this 3D tile, especially if you are looking for something different from a standard white stone kitchen backsplash. A 3D kitchen floor contrasted with a small 3D stone backsplash will look fantastic and outstanding. Try a distinguished light and dark color 3D look backsplash with dark or white cabinets. These elements create a cohesive design. The different 3D colors of the stone can work well with dark or light stone countertops. Install a textured stone wall adjacent to the backsplash if you want to break up the formal look of a 3D tile illusion.

3d Look At The Floor

3D look tile, known as trompe-l’œil, was historically used in grand homes and stately buildings dating back to Roman Times and is now revived for the modern home. Advances in technology, like waterjet machines, created these stunning 3d floors, like this Snow White, Diana Royal, Allure Polished Steps 3d Marble Mosaic 14 9/16×14 15/16.

3d Look On Backsplashes

Combine a stunning 3D look backsplash for a visually appealing kitchen backsplash like this Snow White, Diana Royal, Paradise Polished Diamond 3d Marble Mosaic 15 3/8×13 ¾.

5. Beige Kitchen Tiles | Stay neutral

To warm your kitchen, carefully determine whether the backsplash is cold or warm, dull or inviting. Stacked stones in varying neutral browns and beiges provide an attractive backdrop. This is a design that everyone is sure to gravitate towards.

Beige Kitchen Floor

Contrary to popular belief, a beige floor is not dull. Take our Diana Royal Honed Marble Tiles in 24 x 24 size, a beige marble with creamy beige tones, for example.

Beige Kitchen Wall Tiles

Beige has made a design comeback. So, if you’re looking for stone backsplash ideas for the kitchen, beige is a safe bet! With a light stone kitchen backsplash that’s easy to install, a neutral beige stone backsplash can be easily achieved. What better way to add that conscious connection to nature than natural stone in a neutral color like beige? This beige marble backsplash Diana Royal, Snow White Multi Finish Stars Marble Mosaics | 14 3/16×14 15/16×3/8 | has a lot of interest as a kitchen backsplash tile.

6. White & Beige Kitchen Tiles | A Natural Pairing

Kitchen natural stone backsplash designs that combine marble, like this beige and white tile, can be paired with natural stone countertops and a luxurious marble floor. This backsplash offers a textured focal point.

White & Beige Floor

The color combination of white and beige flooring in the kitchen is always an elegant pairing, especially when paired with matching countertops and floors, just like this Diana Royal, Snow White Multi Finish Steps 3d Marble Mosaic 14 9/16×14 15/16.

White & Beige Backsplash

Diana Royal, Snow White Multi Finish Raya Basket Marble Mosaic 11 13/16×12 3/16 is a chevron design tile in white and beige marble with a unique, timeless look guaranteed to add inspiration to your kitchen backsplash project.

7. Rustic Kitchen Tiles | Natural Raw Rocks

Build an inviting and expressive open-plan kitchen with this rustic tile. A rustic stone backsplash incorporated into a kitchen design scheme can add greater dimension and depth. Rustic backsplashes had many advantages, including providing a unique look and texture.

Rustic Stone Floor

There is nothing more charming than natural stone tile, and when it comes to natural stone kitchen tile, a rustic-style floor will complement your stone kitchen backsplash perfectly, like the Desert Cream Rock Face 1×2 Marble Mosaic 12 5/8×12 ⅝.

Rustic Stone Backsplash

A natural stone backsplash kitchen looks impressive with an added texture to create that much-loved rustic charm to a kitchen. A white stone backsplash kitchen is great if you like light tones and neutrals. However, a stacked stone backsplash kitchen tile like this Champagne Rock Face 1×2 Limestone Mosaic 12 5/8×12 ⅝ is a kitchen backsplash with character. When it comes to kitchen stone backsplash ideas, then a rustic stone backsplash kitchen is a great choice.

8. White Kitchen Tiles | Timeless White

White Kitchen Floor

A white kitchen tile floor has a timeless look. A white tile floor in the kitchen makes the room appear light and is an excellent investment for your house. Vary and mix materials like white marble and white stone or ceramic on the walls. Also, consider using white tile with texture and honed or polished on the walls to add interest to an all-white kitchen, like our Avalon Polished Marble Tile 24×24.

White Stone Backsplash


Stone backsplashes for kitchens have made a comeback with folks wanting to use natural materials in the home for their health and well-being. So when it comes to white stacked stone backsplash ideas, we think you will love this white stone backsplash mosaic tile: Avalon Rock Face 1×2 Marble Mosaic 12 5/8×12 ⅝. A significant change from usual ceramic tiles, these textural mosaic tiles will add a unique style to your kitchen stone backsplash. We love them with a raw natural rock look paired with a white natural stone floor to give a light atmosphere to any kitchen. A natural stone kitchen backsplash is the way to go if you love the earthy feel of stone tile. An easy-to-install tile, this stone veneer kitchen backsplash creates a luxury kitchen tile look.

9. Hexagon Kitchen Tiles | Big, Bold, and Beautiful

Hexagon backsplashes suit modern kitchens. Paired with a stainless steel oven, this hexagon stone marble backsplash creates a fabulously bold look. Bring your kitchen up to date with a hexagon tile kitchen floor and kitchen backsplash. Use large hexagon tiles on the floor and a smaller format hexagon tile, such as mosaic, on the backsplash wall for some variety. Consider a matching countertop in a shade of marble that complements your kitchen wall and floor tile.

Hexagon Marble Floor

Get some inspiration from designers who love using our hexagon marble tile for the walls and kitchen floor. The Crema Marfil Polished Hexagon Marble Waterjet Decos can be used on kitchen floors and will match well with any kitchen backsplash stone you choose.

 Hexagon Marble Backsplash

A design pairing big and small hexagon tiles looks impressive once installed. Suppose you are looking for less traditional ideas for your kitchen project. In that case, our hexagon marble backsplash adds a unique and quirky element. Check out our Avalon Polished Hexagon Marble Mosaic 10 3/8×12, for example.

Q & A’s When Considering Natural Stone For The Kitchen

Is natural stone suitable for a kitchen backsplash?

Natural stone tiles are straightforward to install and maintain. Sealing the kitchen walls is not an extremely complicated procedure. It’s even easier with the backsplash because the room is not required during its setting process.

Is a stone backsplash dated?

Natural stone tile can last decades without requiring any maintenance. For example, rustic limestone kitchen flooring looks timeless. Whether you choose a stone subway tile kitchen backsplash, tumbled stone kitchen backsplash, black stone backsplash kitchen, brownstone kitchen backsplash, pebble stone backsplash kitchen, or faux stone kitchen backsplash to suit your budget or style. You can’t go wrong designing a kitchen with a natural stone tile backsplash!

Do you grout natural stone backsplash?

Natural stone needs careful grinding. Grout fills the holes of porous unsealed natural stone, destroying its appearance. The natural stone is first sealed using proper equipment as advised.

Is a natural stone backsplash hard to clean?

A natural stone backsplash is beautiful, but a stone backsplash in kitchen installations can present issues unless sealed correctly. Luckily we have all top-of-the-range sealers to do the job! Also, check out our blog post about how to keep your natural stones clean.

Is natural stone suitable for a kitchen?

Absolutely! Any kind of natural stone backsplash in a kitchen is a sign of good design taste and looks fabulous with a natural stone floor.

Our Kitchen Design Tips: Bring the Outdoors In

Use your stone tile kitchen backsplash to match your kitchen floor tile. Your natural stone floor can also incorporate some of the outdoors into your kitchen design. A natural stone backsplash and floor can look splendid as the same stone on your house’s exterior. You do not need to be limited to natural stone tile walls. Look to your stone tile and use it as a principal design foundation wall because they represent the central interior core of your house. The kitchen gives an architectural and structural feel when used beyond the kitchen to other areas like the exterior. The result is powerful, natural, and textured. Designers love using this technique when designing a kitchen to unify the whole space.

Contact our expert team at Country Floors to discuss your kitchen design project. For kitchen backsplash, natural stone ideas, and, inspiration, visit us in-store or receive samples to your door from our outstanding stock!

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