Japanese Style Bathrooms: Unlock Your Japanese Influence with Black Tiles

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Japanese Style Bathrooms can be a starting point to unlock your Japanese influence with black tiles. Sometimes the day appears to be longer than it used to be. That is exactly the moment when you want to be at your home. You eagerly anticipate rejuvenating yourself by taking a relaxing shower and a good night’s sleep will be a bonus.

Japanese Style Bathrooms

To escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, we only do not need special relaxation moments for us. But we also need a calm, peaceful home and bathroom. Making use of standard as well as modern-day Japanese bathroom style ideas can simply achieve this goal.

Japanese society may be one of the most fascinating cultures specifically for its art and interior design approach. The use of natural materials in the living room, dining room, and especially in the Japanese bath opens up new ideas.

Every home is different, so it stands to reason that different inspirations will spur different takes on home décor. One of the fascinating crazes when it comes to finding the right identity for the home is the use of Japanese-style bathrooms, and it is not difficult to see why.

Why are Japanese Style Bathrooms So Popular?

Despite the popularity of Japanese-style bathrooms, people will implement the design for different reasons. The following looks at the reasons why so many people are keen to embrace Japanese influence.

japanese style bathrooms
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The use of black tiles is widespread as it allows homeowners to create a unique space that has the qualities of both the inside and the outside world. Black tiles also work when partnered with other materials such as dark wood. Also, the black influence is a great match with a wood-look porcelain floor tile or wall tile.

japanese style bathrooms
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Beyond the Japanese style, you can create your own unique bathroom with a lot of choices. Check out bathroom tile ideas to personalize your bathroom!

An Original Inspiration for a Small Space

To some, the bathroom can be the most problematic area when it comes to giving the home a makeover. But Japanese-style bathrooms can offer something fresh while still practical. Whereas many bathrooms consist of aquatic themes or minimalist white, a Japanese-style bathroom can be created by the inclusion of black tiles, such as the Waterfall Collection.

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Gallery Platinum Glossy Subway Thin Brick Tile

Moore Slate Glossy Subway Thin Brick Tile 2 9/16x8 7/16

Moore Slate Glossy Subway Thin Brick Tile


Despite offering a subtle difference, the different textures and tones can help bring a new dimension to the bathroom that would not be possible using other influences. Working with small bathrooms also helps instill confidence when looking to contend with more complicated spaces.

If you need any small bathroom inspirations, check out our blog!

Influences from Different Periods Can Help Create Bespoke Modern Designs

The heavy-tiled bathrooms of Japan are designed to be practical. But this doesn’t mean that those with a creative eye haven’t been able to build on the foundations and offer some truly amazing Japanese-style bathrooms that echo retro and modern inspiration.

The use of black tiles in small spaces allows for more design ideas. Whereas those with larger bathrooms can experiment with different tones and even different materials. The design world of today means that anyone can achieve a modern look, although some will need to be more daring than they have in the past.

japanese style bathrooms

The Japanese Style Theme Can Be Used Throughout the Home

For many, a Japanese-style bathroom is just the starting point when giving the home a makeover. As such, it is not unusual to see the Japanese style make its presence known in different rooms be it a splashback made of black tile.

Despite the premium aesthetics that the Japanese style offers, it is also very affordable. Regardless of whether you are looking to make the best use of a small space or ensure a large bathroom is something to talk about, becoming more daring and embracing the Japanese method of dark tones helps create something cost-affordable and luxurious.

Three Looks That Can Be Achieved Using Black Tiles

black tiles

There are many reasons people are dissuaded from using black tiles. One of them is because they assume that the use of bold colors will limit their creativity. But nothing could be further from the truth. The following is just an overview of some of the luxurious looks that can be achieved with the use of black tiles.

1. Dark and Modern

Many have embraced the switch to modern and minimalist. But some may find that the transition is overwhelming. The use of black tiles allows an introduction of a more modern interpretation of the bathroom that is subtle in comparison to its white counterpart.

2. Reignite the Nostalgic Value of the Home

Although a lot of people will be using Japanese-style bathrooms as their template, they will still want to ensure that their personality is infused into a space, and a nostalgic undertone is an excellent way of doing this.

Black tiles not only help create the perfect Japanese-style bathroom. But they are also ideal for unleashing the nostalgic value of the bathroom without feeling dated.

3. An Ideal Balance for Traditionalists

Those that prefer both retro and modern styles will be wanting to bring the best of both worlds into the home. Although more difficult than focusing on one design, it is possible with some determination.

One of the biggest struggles those looking to make us of a transitional style have is finding the right balance. Given that black tiles can introduce modern elements while still offering an heir of nostalgia makes them the perfect choice for those looking to meld the two inspirations together.

It’s easy to assume that the beautiful aesthetics seen in Japanese culture are difficult to emulate at home. But the easy access to black tiles that embody the Japanese influence helps create a Japanese-style bathroom that still has echoes of your personality.


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