Kitchen Trends Fall 2013: Via Houzz

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It is safe to say that calling social media a “phenomenon” is really no longer accurate.It is now a simple fact of life and not just for the young. Rather, if you look carefully you will discover that various social media sites have segmented themselves by targeting particular user interests. A perfect example is Houzz. The site describes itself as ” the leading online platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish.” From our perspective, it is becoming a hugely valuable tool for observing trends and monitoring style in the architecture and design space! The basis of the Houzz experience is the “ideabooks” section. Here, users upload home design imagery that they love, like or simply want.. This content is highly sharable thus creating creative synergies amongst users!

The folks at Houzz recently posted their Fall Kitchen Trends Survey 2013 and this will be the topic for today’s Country Floors post. According to this work, the “big ideas” that the survey produced are:

  • “Younger homeowners go contemporary.”
  • “Stainless appliances cohabitating with appliances in other finishes.”
  • “Bigger isn’t better, but open concept still a strong trend.”
  • “Granite and quartz capture countertops, mixing materials a popular option.”
  • “Conservative color schemes dominate, but color tied to kitchen style preferences.”

As we address a few parts of the survey, we are told that “under 45’s go contemporary” and that white tile was the selection, as a kitchen backsplash, by 50% of those responding. Country Floors is nicely positioned to fulfill these trending client expectations. As you can see at the top of this post, crisp and clean works for us. More to the point, white tiles, white marble and white glass have been Country Floors staples for decades.

Again, if we go back to the Houzz results we find that “bright colors are trendy for décor, but most people are choosing a light, classic scheme for their kitchens.”  Again, this is a distinct long suit for Country Floors and has long been a part of our design philosophy and product matrix.. We are coming to the end of this post and as always we thank you for stopping by. Country Floors has showrooms across America and we will be happy to extend our design expertise to help you realize your kitchen aspirations for Fall 2013.

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