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Glass Tiles New York

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Manhattan is the center of the world in the view of many. Naturally, many of those folks who think that also happen to live there. What we cannot deny, is that the entire New York Metropolitan Area is a center of commerce and culture with few places to equal it on  the world stage. That said, New York and now ultra-hip  Brooklyn apartments are notoriously small. This is where our topic for the day comes in: Glass Tiles New York.

Glass Tiles New York
Sorbetto Glass & Stone

Glass tiles have  a few characteristics that lend themselves to a design plan meant for a relatively small space.

1. The availability of elongated rectangular shapes help provide a sense of “length” or “height” to an area. Take a peek at the image above.

2. Glass tiles are easy to clean and to maintain overall. There is nothing quite so bad  as a small apartment that seems to also be unkempt. Even white and off-white glass tile colors are easy to deal with from a maintenance standpoint. See below.

3. In many cases,  the reflective quality of these materials will add to a sense of a bright, neat and larger feeling space.

Glass tiles New York
Coastal Glass

Well, there are few ideas for Glass Tiles New York. Thanks for reading.


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