Interview with CEO: Country Floors Tile Store in Los Angeles

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Welcome to our tile sanctuary at Country Floors, a haven boasting 2000 handpicked tiles, poised to elevate your design narrative. Join us in an exclusive conversation with CEO Munir Turunc as we unravel the secrets of our dynamic team of four. In a sprawling 2000-square-foot canvas, this isn’t just a tile store in Los Angeles; it’s an invitation to explore creativity at its finest.


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Let’s discover why Country Floors in Los Angeles isn’t just a tile store—it’s a destination where your design story unfolds in unrivaled elegance.

Interviewer: Greetings, Mr. Turunc! Let’s explore the world of sophistication at our Los Angeles tile store. Ready for a deep dive into the details? How extensive is the collection in our Los Angeles showroom?

CEO: In Los Angeles, we take pride in showcasing a breathtaking array of 2000 tiles, carefully curated to cater to every design palette.


los angeles tile showroom


Interviewer: Could you shed some light on the dynamic team at our Los Angeles tile store? How many are on board, and what’s the collective industry experience? Tell us about the youngest and most seasoned members of the crew.

CEO: We’ve got a fantastic team of four in Los Angeles, each bringing their unique expertise. The collective years of experience weave a rich tapestry of knowledge, with the youngest injecting vibrant energy, and the most seasoned member offering a treasure trove of industry wisdom.


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Interviewer: What sets our Los Angeles tile store apart?

CEO: Our Los Angeles tile store is a beacon of distinction. Beyond our stellar staff, our wide selection and custom tile section redefines the tile store experience, ensuring our customers find not just what they need but something truly exceptional.


los angeles tile showroom


Interviewer: How expansive is the showroom in Los Angeles, and can customers comfortably decide on their tile projects within its space?

CEO: The Los Angeles showroom spans a generous 2000 square feet. It’s a haven where creativity knows no bounds, providing ample space for our customers to envision and finalize their dream tile projects.


country floors los angeles showroom


Interviewer: Are there any promotions awaiting our customers at the Los Angeles showroom?

CEO: In Los Angeles, we elevate your tile shopping experience with free samples to touch and feel, enticing volume discounts for those extensive projects, and exclusive local promotions that add that extra touch of excitement to your design journey.

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