Melrose Avenue Reclaimed Terracotta

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The Country Floors showroom provides a perfect location where you can find authentic Melrose Avenue Reclaimed Terracotta. As we have said many times in this and other spaces, terracotta can be loosely defined as “baked earth.”

Very few mediums have spent as much time doing so many different things inside human civilization as terracotta. Thinks about pots, vases, floor tiles, wall tiles, and even amazing cultural creations like the Terracotta Army shown below.

Our authentically Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles provides a genuine old world experience for the homeowner, restaurateur, or hotelier. As shown below, it is easy for the design entity to imagine a variety of uses in a wide range  of design plans.

Melrose Avenue Reclaimed Terracotta

As always, thanks for reading and please stop into our Melrose Avenue. showroom.

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