Pompano Beach Blue Tiles

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How to use Blue Tiles in Southern Florida:

Our selection of  Pompano Beach Blue Tiles is based on our long and storied history as a vendor of sophisticated European Country Tiles.

Pompano Beach Blue Tiles
Portuguese Blue Tiles

For example, Azulejos (blue tiles) are a type of ceramic tile that were originally produced on the Iberian Peninsula. They are intrinsically attached to daily life in both rural and urban areas. Take a look both above and below.

Pompano Beach Blue TilesPortuguese Blue Tiles

Choose your subway tile style with Azulejos tiles:

Blue tiles or Portuguese tiles are ideal for backsplash tiles. Traditional subway tiles come in plain white glossy tile. However, you can use Azulejos tiles as an accent piece to decorate your kitchen. In addition, you can use these tiles in oven hood areas.

Many of these tiles come in floral themes and they are perfect for a tile mural with a frame around them.

Our store in Pompano Beach is managed by tile experts who have been in business for a long time. They can design with tile whether it is a luxury apartment facing the beach, or a country home in Weston. TIle trends in Southern Florida vary from large format polished white marbles to honed travertine tiles.

Local Tile Trends:

Most spaces in southern Florida have large open areas and natural stone tile is a necessity due to moisture and humidity. Flooring options for these areas include 24×24 and larger. Many local customers prefer bigger tiles to limit grout joints.

All these products used here must have perfect calibration to achieve perfectly leveled floors. In fact, recent trends include larger sizes like 36×36 and 48×48 to achieve as little joints as possible.

Country estates and larger homes in Southern Florida have a lot of exterior spaces that require large amounts of wall tile. These materials can be slate tiles or travertine tiles. All the pool areas like pool decks, patios, and water features must use patterns or ledger stone.

The local Pompano Beach Country Floors branch will professionally guide you through all your options. Thanks for reading!

The local Pompano Beach Country Floors branch will professionally guide you through all your options.

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