Majolica Glazed Ceramic Tiles

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Majolica Glazed Ceramic Tiles are a distinct and unique genre living inside the category of ceramic tile in general. It is a confusing idea since it can also be spelled: MaiolicaRegardless of the spelling, the material is typically thought of as having its origin in the Renaissance Period in Italy.

Majolica Glazed Ceramic Tiles
Maroc Collection

Merriam-Webster says that it is: “earthenware covered with an opaque tin glaze and decorated on the glaze before firing; especially : an Italian ware of this kind.” That said, the consumer tends to see Majolica Glazed Ceramic Tiles as a colorful, patterned element, that seems to have a distinct glossy finish over the pattern and colors. Sorry for the layman’s terminology, but I think you get the point which is illustrated by three images inside this post.

Given the production techniques, that are clearly visible in these posts via our Maroc Collection, please understand that these pieces are intrinsically unique from one to another. This assures that your Majolica tiles are yours and yours alone. As always, thanks for reading.

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