Finding Beauty in Imperfections…the Marsala Collection, Country Floor’s latest ceramic collection, pays homage to the unique nature of the original 19th and 20th century Sicilian Baldosa style tiles. The true beauty of the original Sicilian Baldosa tiles lies within its imperfections.

The original hand crafted Sicilian Baldosa tiles are soft clay that was hand pressed into wooden molds, then scraped and dried in the hot Sicilian sun. Those tiles are usually imperfect in size and texture, with the occasional animal tracks, cracks, and chips that are part of the tiles’ design and beauty.

The Marsala Collection delivers on the imperfect nature of the originals, with a rich crackle finish, hand painted detail and distressed beauty. The pinholes, cracks, chips and stains on the tiles in the Marsala Collection add to its “vintage” look.

The Marsala Collection is suitable for exterior or interior use and perfect for bathrooms, kitchens to wine cellars. This Mediterranean collection features a range of earthy tones tiles only available in either hexagon or square. Marsala Collection’s eight designs are named after the Sicilian cities that inspired their beauty; Catania, Milazzo, Modica, Palermo, Ragusa, Syracuse, Taormina, and Trapani and available either in six by six (6 x 6) or eight by eight (8 x 8) formats.