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About Marble Tiles

Marble tiles have a certain organic luminosity that could only be a product of nature. For thousands of years, they have remained a mainstay of architectural and interior design.

The origins of marble in architecture trace back to Ancient Greece, where it was a preferred building material for stability and endurance. However, the ancient Greeks also highly valued the stone for its incredible aesthetic quality. In particular, craftsmen used marble of different hues to construct exquisitely designed marble floors and mosaics. From ancient Rome to modern-day Washington, DC, marble has remained an iconic architectural element for the world’s great metropoles.

At Country Floors, we are proud to offer a selection of the highest-quality marble on the market. For 60 years, we have carefully cultivated an exquisite selection of marble tiles by working directly with interior designers and homeowners. As a result, we have a wide array of tiles that will suit many from classic white marble to trendy patterned mosaics. Either way, you’ll be receiving a luxurious marble tile that will transform your space into the height of sophisticated design.

Where Can I Install Marble Tiles?

Marble is incredibly adaptable and suits many surfaces and interiors. It can be installed on both walls and floors in both residential and commercial properties.

Bathroom Walls & Floors

Marble’s clean, bright appearance suits bathrooms especially well. Due to their low porosity, they can be installed in wet areas, like showers.

However, keep in mind that marble can be very slippery when wet. Therefore, we recommend avoiding a polished finish for bathroom and shower floors. Be mindful of installing marble flooring in spaces where children or the elderly are at risk of slipping and falling.

Commercial & Residential Flooring

Marble flooring is well-suited for both residences and commercial properties. Due to its durability had hard-wearing nature, marble is ideal for high-traffic commercial flooring. Additionally, it’s scratch-resistant, meaning it’ll hold up against daily wear and tear and heavy furniture.

Accordingly, marble tiles are a great way to elevate the appearance of your business or home and reveal its innate sophistication.

Kitchen Backsplashes & Wall Coverings

Marble tiles look flawless when installed as kitchen backsplashes. They’ll instantly make any kitchen look brighter, cleaner, and more sophisticated. Thus, marble backsplashes particularly suit classic or minimalist design schemes.

Additionally, marble is also well-suited for wall coverings. A marble tile accent wall will sure to be the focal point of any room, whether it be a living room or lobby.

How Should I Maintain Marble Tiles?

Since marble is a natural stone, it requires special care. Hence, marble is susceptible to etching, which is damage caused by acid. Therefore, be sure to be careful with acidic substances like coffee or tea around your tile and immediately clean any spills. Moreover, be sure to use a special natural stone cleaner or neutral household cleaner, as common household cleaners, like bleach, could damage the stone.