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About Porcelain Tiles

Durable and long-lasting, porcelain tiles are fantastic for flooring and wall covering. Furthermore, they’re the perfect choice for anyone wishing to upgrade their space both practically and aesthetically. Here at Country Floors, we are proud to offer an incredible range of porcelain tiles that fit virtually every design and style.

Porcelain tiles barged their way into the American design consciousness in the early 1980’s. At that time, they were a new product in terms of facial dimension sizes, color range, low maintenance, durability, and ease of installation. Since then, all those differentiating characteristics have been meticulously improved upon. As a result, porcelain tiles now occupy a prominent place in any floor covering discussion.

Now, in the 21st century, a commonplace where you might typically see this product is in retail settings. This includes clothing, grocery, home goods, convenience, DIY stores, and more. Additionally, they’re commonly found in hospitals, offices, hospitality spaces, government buildings, theatres, and transportation hubs of all types. However, porcelain tiles work just as well in residences. Their durability and hardness make them ideal for busy homeowners who want low-maintenance flooring without sacrificing aesthetics.

Architects and designers with worldwide footprints like Gensler, HOK, Arquitectonica, Hersh Bedner, the Rockwell Group, and countless others have specified this type of tile in their projects for decades.

Country Floors Porcelain Tiles

Country Floors hold a historic place in the world of design as a thought leader and reliable vendor. Therefore, we take our responsibility to furnish the spaces of our clients and friends seriously, only offering the finest and most relevant tile products. This naturally includes porcelain tiles of all genres.

Although the first iterations of porcelain technology produced technologically superior products, the appearance often drifted towards utilitarian. Today, Country Floors is able to offer much more visually arresting materials that offer the looks of Stone, Wood, Concrete, Fabric, and Marble.

Where to Install Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain in tile format will perform extremely well under typical interior flooring and wall covering conditions in both residential and commercial environments. Furthermore, superior resistance to common difficulties such as staining, impact, and fading makes these materials a sound choice.

Additionally, our porcelain lines can handle tough foot traffic and are virtually impervious to water and staining. Moreover, they exhibit significant resistance to common problems like uric acid, nail polish remover, and aggressive cleaning agents.

Commercial & Residential Flooring

We recommend porcelain for both commercial and residential flooring installations. Due to their durability and moisture resistance, they’re a popular choice for commercial properties with heavy foot traffic. However, these tiles work just as well in residential spaces, especially for homes with kids or pets.


Country Floors porcelain tiles are superb performers in bathroom settings in both commercial and residential applications. Their moisture-resistant property safeguards them against water damage. Additionally, they’re easy to clean and impervious to staining.

Outdoor Patios

For all the reasons we’ve already mentioned, porcelain is a great choice for outdoor patio applications as well. This stylish tile will hold up against the elements and last a long time. Also, matte tiles have anti-slip properties that are perfect for rainy weather and poolside installations.

Wall Coverings & Backsplashes

This product looks incredible on commercial and residential wall coverings and kitchen backsplashes. Besides, our wide selection of tile designs and patterns means that it’s just as easy to create a stylish and creative wall covering with porcelain as it is with natural stone.

More About Porcelain Tiles

In general, the production of this material begins with a relatively fine powder of clay, feldspar, quartz, and silica. After pressing and drying to remove moisture, the tiles are fired at an incredibly high temperature. This yields a very dense vitreous tile body with water absorption of less than 0.5%. Those of you who may like to take a closer look at the technical details should check out the Tile Council of America Handbook.