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Hexagon Terracotta Tiles

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Reclaimed Terracotta

Reclaimed Natural Hexagon Terracotta Tile

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In the smaller shapes, such as 1”x 1”, or 2” x 2”, hexagon tiles will typically be furnished to the installer already attached to a backing. That backing is usually some type of mesh that will hold enough individual pieces to cover approximately one square foot. So, there is no hunt and peck, piece-by-piece installation. Larger hexes, such as 4”, 6”, and 8” don’t present a problem either. Therefore, the short answer is no.

Terracotta can be translated, in a somewhat literal sense, as baked earth. It is typically produced, in its most basic version, by first combining clay and water. The mixture is then formed into the desired object/shape, and sun-dried or kiln-fired. The desired form or shape is arrived at by hand molding, machine pressing, extruding, or shaping in some other manner. The results might yield floor tile, pottery, roof tile, pipes, and more, in this case terracotta tile.