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Metropolis Stone Designs Collection

Metropolis; a term used rather vaguely in modern days but that is still widely recognized as a term of endearment when describing a city which had grown to become a cultural, business and technological hub.

We have chosen several of these modern day centers, who have over time strived and excelled in becoming design and lifestyle landmarks. Metropolis Stone Designs Collection is an homage to each of these cities, a sign of gratitude to their designers, architects, artist and creators who have given the world so much beauty.

Explore your urban and also urbane self by delving into the mighty stone collection.

Design can be used at:
Commercial Interior Floors • Residential Interior Floors •
* Usage recommendation must be confirmed by your installer and depends on application, installation methods and general suitability. Country Floors assumes no liability from any installation and usage recommendations.
* Because of their handmade nature and using historic glazing techniques, these collections can exhibit extreme variation. This is part of their beauty and authenticity. This collection is sold only through New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco showrooms.

Bryant Square Petite Honed Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time

Cameli Grande Honed Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time

Castille Petite Honed Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time

Grace Wj Polished Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time

Hudson Petite Polished Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time

Istanbul Grande Polished Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time

Lausanne Grande Polished Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time

Lima Grande Honed Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time

Mamzel Medium Polished Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time

Marquee Grande Polished Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time

Opal Grande Polished Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time

Paris Petite Polished Marble Mosaic

Stock:4-6 Weeks lead time