Modern Kitchen Design Ideas with Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta kitchen flooring tiles
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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas with Terracotta Floor Tiles

There are many lovely ways to incorporate terracotta floor tiles into a modern kitchen. Installing a terracotta kitchen floor is one of the best ways to use these natural and exquisite tiles to adorn your space. Terracotta tiles come in many earthy shades, shapes, and sizes to fit multiple aesthetics. The variety of options allows for kitchens of all sizes to be designed or redesigned using terracotta.

Modern kitchen tile designs allow for the use of beautiful terracotta that will showcase its uniqueness. In the world of interior design, there is a timeless charm associated with terracotta kitchen floors that cannot be denied. Terracotta kitchen floors emphasize the possibilities of using organic and natural materials to transform your kitchen. With old-world appeal and a rich, textured finish terracotta can create a completely new look in your home.

Modern terracotta kitchen floor tile

The Beauty of Terracotta Floor Tiles in a Modern Kitchen

Terracotta is a blended type of clay material that has been used to create structural and decorative objects. Other objects made of terracotta include sculptures, pottery and artifacts, and architectural elements. The surface of terracotta objects is often left matte to give off a rustic and natural appearance. The clay is fired (or hardened) at relatively low temperatures which results in a distinctive red-brown hue. Terracotta can be found in other shades but the process for creating those results is more extensive.

There are different types of terracotta tiles for modern kitchen floors. Some of the most popular types of terracotta tiles for floors include Cotta Rio and Tuscan Terracotta. When it comes to using terracotta kitchen floor tiles you can go as simple or as complex as you wish. You can also use other decorative pieces made of terracotta to enhance the rustic theme. Terracotta is used to make bowls, vases, wall decor, and ornaments that can seamlessly complement your new floors.

Modern terracotta kitchen flooring tile

Benefits of Using Terracotta Floor Tiles in a Modern Kitchen

There are several major benefits to using terracotta tiles in your modern kitchen. If you are looking to install these beautiful tiles into your space you can look forward to the following:


Terracotta kitchen floor tiles are highly durable, which is the biggest advantage around. Not only are the tiles hardwearing they are also mold resistant, and have low porosity when glazed. This means you don’t have to worry about your kitchen tiles breaking down from absorbing moisture over time. Unglazed terracotta tiles can absorb water and be more prone to breaking down.


Modern design kitchen with terracotta flooring tiles

Easy Maintenance

All that is needed to keep terracotta kitchen floors clean is some PH-neutral cleaner, warm water, and a soft mop. By regularly using these items you can keep your modern kitchen looking show worthy for years to come. Terracotta tiles for kitchen floors don’t have to be hard to care for. Instead gentle, frequent care can be used to prolong their lifespan and beauty.



Terracotta floor tiles for a modern kitchen come in a range of options. The size of your tiles, color, and shape will all depend on your personal style and budget. You can go with the traditional reddish-brown finish for a classic look or put a more novel spin on your decor by going with a white, black, or even pink shade of tile.

In addition to using terracotta for floors it can also be used on walls so don’t be afraid to extend the trend if the idea appeals to you. Lining your new modern kitchen with terracotta tiles can be a fun way to explore multiple applications. In the end, we hope to inspire you to do what will work best with your style.

Terracotta kitchen flooring tile

Inspiring Examples of Modern Kitchens with Terracotta Floor Tiles

To get your creative juices flowing, here are 15 stylish examples of terracotta floor tiles in modern kitchens. We are excited to share the ideas on this list can so you can use them as a starting point for your kitchen remodels.

1. U-Shaped Kitchen with Square Terracotta Tiles


This u-shaped modern kitchen with terracotta floor tiles is adorned with rich wood cabinets and quartz counters. The terracotta kitchen floor pops perfectly against the large panel windows that showcase nature.

2. Farmhouse Chic with Terracotta Floors


Go full-on luxury with marble cabinets, white cabinets, and the deep stainless steel farmhouse sink. The matching range hood and multi-burner oven put this look over the top.

3. Modern Mediterranean Kitchen

This lovely kitchen features light-colored terracotta floor tiles with rustic cabinetry. A wooden plank ceiling and quartz island counter keep this room bright and warm.

4. Earthy L-shaped Modern Kitchen


Do you like green? Then this l-shaped kitchen design is brilliant. The brass hardware, soapstone counters, and hexagon terracotta floor tiles bridge modern and classic.

5. Modern Country Style Eat-in Kitchen


This example shows a country-style eat-in kitchen featuring simple orange square terracotta tiles. Warm white cabinets will allow the natural hue of orange-brown floors to shine.

6. Modern Boho Farmhouse Mashup

This stunning kitchen blends two popular styles to create a lovely mashup. The abundance of plants brings nature indoors, and the terracotta floors in this modern kitchen are perfect.

7. Modern Rustic Farmhouse


This rustic-style modern kitchen with terracotta floor tiles is labeled unfitted and for good reason. It was put together to showcase freestanding options for furniture and appliances. You can also make your kitchen custom and rearrange elements to your taste.

8. A Modern Coastal Kitchen


This separate kitchen in Los Angeles is blending cool tones to give a coastal vibe. The terracotta kitchen floor tiles add rustic charm mirrored by wood ceiling planks.

9. Bright, White, and Luxurious


This luxury modern kitchen with hexagon terracotta tiles has it all. The full white wall glass-front cabinets, white marble counters, and white kitchen island are immaculate.

10. An Airy Kitchen with Terracotta


This large transitional kitchen features rectangular terracotta kitchen floor tiles. This modern kitchen design is stunning using soft grays to help absorb natural light.

11. A Clean Modern Open-Concept Kitchen


This open-concept kitchen is nice for those who truly like the simple things in life. The large format terracotta floor tiles are the perfect touch to elevate marble counters and simple cabinets.

12. A Modern Black and White Farmhouse Kitchen


This eat-in style modern kitchen puts a new spin on using black and white together. The terracotta floor tiles in this space help highlight the contrast between the white cabinets and black counters.

13. Cement-Colored Terracotta Tile


This modern kitchen design idea gives a nod to the brightening effect of cement-hued terracotta.

14. Dark Farmhouse Style


This u-shaped kitchen uses dark wood, stunning terracotta, and a white farmhouse sink to flip the usual motif on its head.

15. Modern Modular Kitchen


This simple square tile goes seamlessly into this cottage-style modular kitchen. If you like old-world elegance and modern silhouettes then this may be your style.

Modern terracotta tile designs are trendy but have you considered modern terracotta living room ideas? Check out our blog for more terracotta and kitchen tile ideas.

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