moorish style tile
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Our Las Palmas Glazed Tile Collection draws inspiration from the bucolic Spanish city of Palma de Mallorca. This is the political capital and major city of the Balearic Islands and the home of tennis legend Rafael Nadal. As a historical point, the city was under Islamic control from approximately 900 AD to 1200 AD. The arrival of the Moors led to an array of cultural changes to Palma as it did to the Iberian Peninsula in general. The art and architecture that came to signify Islamic Iberia included ceramic tile and terracotta which leads us to our post for today, which is Moorish Style Tile.

moorish style tile

There are certain timeless design themes that will always resonate and be germane in the design plans of particular designers, architects, and their clients. In our opinion, a Moorish theme and the various shapes and semi-distressed visuals that it implies is timeless. We believe that no one delivers this type of product better than Country Floors. In the image above, please take note of the artfully distressed glaze over the classic hexagon shape. Then below is another glaze, perfect in its very imperfection, on an elongated hexagon body.

moorish style tile

Perhaps you subscribe, as we do, to the school of design thought that geometric elements are already on the usage upswing. Then naturally these glazed tile shapes will take their place alongside geometric wallpaper, pillows, towels, etc. in exciting interior spaces.

Vintage Moresque Glossy Flora Ceramic Mosaic

If your design future includes any of the many variations on Moorish Style Tile then our Las Palmas Glazed Tile and Moresque Glazed Tile collections will become your design friends. These are a few simple thoughts but we have a nice group of showroom locations where our design professionals can provide even more. Thanks for reading! BTW, check out our Sicilian Baldosa Tile

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