Porcelain tile is a trendy material preferred by homeowners and business owners alike. These tiles are inherently cost-effective. As a result,  they deliver both beauty and durability at the same time.  To achieve this durability and glassy elegance, factories fire dense clay at high temperatures, making the raw materials strong and gorgeous in a process called vitrification.

This technology, in one form or another, is ancient. Depending on the exact definition of porcelain used, this material can be said to have originated in modern-day China during the Han dynasty (~2000 years ago) or the T’ang dynasty (~1000 years ago).

used, this material can be said to have originated in modern-day China during the Han dynasty ( ~2000 years ago ~2000 years ago ) or the T’ang dynasty ( ~1000 years ago ~1000 years ago ).

Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tile

Chiefly made of clay, with the addition of other natural materials, some consider porcelain tile to be a type of ceramic tile. The heat at which it is fired makes all the difference. Unlike other ceramics, porcelain undergoes vitrification, which makes it uniquely dense and durable.  

Uses for Porcelain Tile

With its non-porous nature, porcelain finds a wide variety of uses. At Country Floors, we offer all kinds of designs for porcelain floors and walls in residential and commercial spaces. In most cases, our collections are perfect for application as porcelain tile flooring or as a porcelain wall tile. Kitchen floors and walls, shower tile, entrance ways, and more are all sure to grab your attention when you use Country Floors porcelain tile. 

Available Porcelain Tile Collections

  • Sophisticated Atlas porcelain, best suited for elegant, bright living spaces. 
  • Our exclusive Metallic porcelain tiles, just right to give your house a glazed, metallic appearance
  • Our three Metro collections, a go-to if you wish to provide a clean and trendy look and feel to your restaurant walls, retail store, or another business area.
  • Waterfall porcelain and Piedra Norge porcelain tiles, perfect for sensuous, moody, and luxurious spaces.
  • Trevi porcelain tiles, excellent for elegant homes and commercial, high-traffic spaces.
  • Elegante porcelain tiles, ideal for sparkling white interiors.
  • Country Wood porcelain, best for those in search of wood grain porcelain tile to give your home a rustic, country look.
  • Ecocem Porcelain, great for taking your classy home interiors to another level with their inherent sophistication and elegance.

Why Country Floors?

Why Country Floors?
  • 55 years of experience in supplying a wide variety of tiling materials.
  • We offer all kinds of tiles for interior and exterior use, whether in residential or commercial spaces.
  • Country Floors supply tiles worldwide.
  • Extended support to our customers regarding any issue.
  • Never compromise on the quality of materials and maintain a high reputation in the global market.
  • We partner with leading manufacturers in the world to supply our superior-quality products.
  • We offer effective guidelines for taking proper care of your tile.
  • Constantly updating our collection according to the emerging trends.

Take a look at the range of tiles we offer for homes, business areas, and large-scale commercial spaces like shopping malls, retail stores, and restaurants. If you have further questions about our products, feel free to reach us with all your relevant queries. Our experts will be happy to help you.

Let our tiles enhance the beauty of your home or business area and make others jealous of its appearance.

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