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Reclaimed Terracotta Tile

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Reclaimed Terracotta Tile

Country Floors has always felt, dating back to the ‘Sixties, that the subject of reclaimed terracotta tile is right in our design wheelhouse. Many things have changed in America and the world since the infinitely interesting decade that was the 1960s. But, one thing that “rocks on” is a desire for authenticity. That said, there is nothing more authentic than Reclaimed Terracotta Tile. Let’s talk about this!

The definition of terracotta can loosely be understood as “baked earth”. In our mind’s eye, we correctly see terracotta as flooring, a wall covering, a backsplash, an exterior paving, and as a sculpted element like the famous Terracotta Army which can be checked out here.

Our authentically Reclaimed Terracotta Tile date back from 100 to 200 years ago during the historically significant Austro-Hungarian Empire. Recovered from farmhouses and historical buildings, these tiles have been hand reclaimed, hand cleaned and hand finished one by one by one. Thus, creating truly unique individual tiles.

Reclaimed terracotta tiles

We further describe our reclaimed terracotta tile as being a rustic collection, that ranges from incredible reds, and pinks to peaches and ochres. These nuanced shades are available in the most popular shapes (rectangles, hexagons, parquet, and squares).

.We hope this content adds value to the information base of our cultured readers. At any rate, thanks for reading, and please check out this post on Antiqued Glazed Ceramic Tiles.

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