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The Renaissance re-awakened 15th century Florence and drove what may have been the greatest period of decorative art! Discover for yourself our Renaissance Style Tile Collection that offer beautifully hand painted panels in rich, mellow tones; gorgeous accent tiles and borders. Most historians will tell you that the Renaissance period in European history took place from the 14th to the 17th century. Perhaps of greatest importance, was that it created a bridge between the Middle Ages and the modern thought and culture.. What began as a cultural movement in Italy then spread to the whole of Europe, thus indicating the beginning of our Modern Age. Whether you entertain grandly or live simply, our Renaissance Style Tiles will transform your home into a noble haven. Bellisimo!

Please take a look at a few complementary collections in terracotta. These include: Reclaimed Terracotta, Cotto Med Terracotta Tile, Cotto Mielo Terracotta Tile, and Pedralbes Terracotta.

*Offered exclusively through our Country Floors showrooms