Shower Tiles Ideas and Designs to Recreate in Your Home 2023 | Updated!

13 Shower Tiles Ideas and Designs in 2023 | Updated!

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Depending on the type of your shower or concept, shower floor tile ideas may vary. However, we have picked the 10 best ideas and designs for you in this guide. In addition to this, you can also find some amazing suggestions you can use in your shower tile ideas.

In short, we are here to help you to recreate the best practices in 2023! Without a doubt, these tile shower ideas will help you to make your bathroom look much more beautiful than it already is. Do not forget to take a look at the amazing collections we recommend within the headings. From traditional tiles to walk-in shower tile ideas, you are going to find everything here!

1- Glass Showers

If you have glass showers, then you need to look for bathroom shower tile ideas that offer light colors. In this way, you can showcase your amazing shower and provide a more spacious look in your bathroom. In this regard, walk-in shower tile ideas may be an amazing choice too.

As usual, marble can do wonders with tile shower floors ideas. If you need some amazing shower floor tile ideas for your bathroom, then we can recommend our Calacatta Amber Marble Collection. With honed and polished alternatives, it can help your glass shower to stand out! Also If you are into elegant black bathroom tiles, the Haisa Black Marble Tile collection is just for you.

Calacatta Amber Honed Marble Tile


Calacatta Amber Honed Large Herringbone Marble Mosaic


Calacatta Amber Honed Arabesque Marble Mosaic


black mosaic shower tile

2- Steam Showers

If you have two bathrooms, you can prefer steam showers. Thus, you look for small bathroom shower tile ideas that can perfectly match the concept. Since most steam showers are usually smaller than the main showers, you can find plenty of amazing ideas among small shower tile ideas.

In general, you need to prefer wood or wood-looking tiles. This does not mean that you can benefit from modern shower tile ideas. On the contrary, you can create amazing harmony by combining subway tile shower ideas and natural-looking tiles. For your small shower and small bathroom remodeling ideas, please check out our blog!

Matrix Taupe Blend Matte Fabric Look Porcelain Tile


Matrix Classic Tan Matte Fabric Look Porcelain Tile


Matrix Azul Matte Fabric Look Porcelain Tile


3- Wet Room Showers

If you have a wet room design, then you may want to prefer gray shower ideas tile in your design. In this way, you can achieve the perfect look in your bathroom without any challenges. In case you are planning to prefer this design in your main bathroom, then you can also look for master bathroom shower tile ideas.

Most of them will recommend you create a contrasting look but we believe gray looks much better in master bathroom walk-in shower tile ideas. If you are planning to follow our advice, then we can recommend our Allure Light-Honed Marble Collection. You are going to love the shades of our tiles which you can also use in small tile shower ideas.

Allure Light Polished Marble Tile


Avenza&snow White&allure Textured 2x2 Marble Mosaic


Chevron Allure Light Polished Marble Waterjet Decos


4- Monsoon Showers

Some shower tile ideas for 2023 were perfect for the monsoon showers. If you have followed some of the best bathroom shower tile ideas 2023, then you may want to keep them as it is to avoid extra costs. Most of them are quite trendy in 2023 too.

One of the best tile materials you can prefer for monsoon showers is the ceramic and marble combination. Thus, we highly recommend checking out ceramic tile shower ideas too. Most of them can inspire you to a new look in your shower decoration. If you are looking for a color suggestion, we can recommend shower tile ideas black.

black shower tile

5- Black Terracotta Shower Wall Tiles

When it comes to shower tile designs, terracotta tiles are not might be the first one that comes to mind. But this spectacular tile only can be defined as the authentic, substantial, original form of baked earth. Forte Brick terracotta is a tile that’s sophisticated yet feels grounded, combining the sleek and the tactile, the cool and the casual, the urban and the agrarian.

They look stunning on shower walls for sure. It is time to tile showers with terracotta!

black rustic bathroom wall tile

6- Waterjet Tile Designs

Fluid geometry defines the waterjet tile mosaics. Especially, Talya Waterjet Designs from Country Floors, designed by Sara Baldwin, is a beautiful, lyrical mix of water jet creations that are at home in the bath, shower, or grand entry. Waterjet is a tile for showers because it adds depth and a unique look to wet areas.

gray mosaic shower floor

7- White and Gray Mix & Match Hexagon Tiles

As you see white and gray hues are almost everywhere in design. These two matching colors are absolutely eye-catching and have harmony. Ceramic tile offers modern tile and mosaics in classic shapes. Ceramic tiles are the versatile backdrop for room designs in tones of every color.

white and gray hexagon bathroom tile


8- White Carrara Porcelain Tile

White Carrara Porcelain Tile stands for comfort, modern design, and convenience. These beautiful tiles resemble the beauty of popular Carrara marble while offering the durability of our high-quality porcelain. If you are looking for a bathroom tile designs gallery, check out White Carrara Porcelain tile for showers and bathrooms.

white bathroom porcelain tile

9- Vertical Spas

Forget about tub shower tile ideas, when you can use the same tiles for your vertical spas. You can enjoy a better design with the help of colored tiles. Just like walk-in shower floor tile ideas, you need to let your vertical spas stand out. Doesn’t it look amazing for bathtub tile ideas as well?

In this regard, we can recommend our Skyline Polished Marble Collection. They are recommended in many shower tile design ideas, and you can enjoy the same benefits. They are one of the best gray shower tile ideas as well.

Skyline Polished Subway Marble Tile


Chevron Skyline Vein Cut Polished Marble Waterjet Decos


Skyline Polished 1 1/4x6 Marble Mosaic


10- Thermostatic Valve Showers

Just like the stand-up shower tile ideas, you can enjoy amazing tiles in your thermostatic valve showers. You can enjoy a spacious look while ensuring the beauty of your new shower design. In this regard, you can benefit from light grey shower tile ideas to enjoy a more spacious look too.

Another tile idea you may want to consider is shower tub tile ideas. You can find plenty of amazing tile designs and patterns to use in your showers and bathroom. In this regard, another concept you may want to benefit from can be master shower tile ideas. They also offer plenty of amazing tile recommendations.

11- Built-in Seating Showers

You can use all kinds of tiles that you find in glass tile shower ideas, for your built-in seating shower designs. In this respect, shower accent tile ideas can be an amazing choice too. You can decorate the back of the built-in seating to create a contrast.

Of course, you need to check for white tile shower ideas to create this contrast. We can recommend our Calacatta Bella Marble Collection. They can help you to create an amazing transition between the contrast tiles. Another idea you can consider for these showers is the tile around bathtub ideas.

Calacatta Bella Honed Basket Weave Marble Mosaic


Calacatta Bella Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaic


Calacatta Bella Honed Marble Tile


12- Mood Lighting and Audio Effects

If you are looking for a contemporary look in your shower, then you do not have to only rely on wood tile shower ideas. Instead, you can benefit from technology in your new design. Mood lighting and audio effects can be a great choice for these designs, and you can benefit from tile shower ideas with a bench.

Since your shower will provide lighting in the venue, you need to pay attention to the tile shower wall ideas. You will not want to prefer dark shades. Instead, you need to prefer lighter colors in your design so that your shower can reflect the light very well. Thus, you may also want to check out shower wall tile ideas too.

13- Zen Designs

Here is the latest trend that you may want to benefit from in your new design. Forget about grey shower tile ideas, you need to prefer full contrast for Zen designs. This means that you need to prefer black and white. Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular concepts in modern shower floor tile ideas.

Iris Black Leather Marble Tile


Iris Black Textura Hexagon Marble Mosaic


Iris Black Leather Herringbone Marble Mosaic


We can recommend our Irish Black Marble Collection to enjoy the nobility of black in your small walk-in shower tile ideas. In fact, they can look awesome in any design unless you combine them with white shower tile ideas.

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