Terracotta Tiles: Part Two…..Antiqued Terracotta

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The second part of this post will focus on antiqued terracotta. In Part One we discussed a few of the mysteries that seem to surround terracotta in general. Firstly, some clients think of the word terracotta as being synonymous with a Mexican produced tile or pot that appears to be adobe. Secondly, how is it spelled…one word or two? Well, to clear things up a bit terracotta can be Mexican, Italian, French, Catalan, Portuguese etc. As far as spelling is concerned both “terracotta” and “terra cotta” are considered correct.

Since “terracotta” is more or less translated as “baked earth” or “cooked earth” how is it manufactured? Well, as previously stated, Saltillo tiles from Mexico are simply baked in the sun and are relatively porous and require proper installation to overcome this porosity. On the other hand, there are many other terracotta materials that are kiln fired and therefore much denser than their sun-dried cousins. Country Floors will, in general, prefer the more dense product for practical purposes.

As mentioned earlier, the point of this post is antiqued terracotta. So what do I mean by that? Right now, and on and off for years, reclaimed elements have been significant in the fashion-forward market place. These reclaimed items are numerous but do include the likes of farmhouse lumber from the South of France, brick pieces from various historical periods, almost anything from a Frank Lloyd Wright design, and of course terracotta paving and flooring pieces. There are, understandably, a few issues with the reclamation process such as scarcity, price, and logistics. For example, the client that absolutely must have reclaimed terracotta tiles from the proverbial Tuscan farmhouse may ultimately blanch when confronted with the “if, when, and how much” parts of that proposition.

Country Floors is renowned for providing  “antiqued” terracottas that present visuals of great character and distinction. This provides the discerning client with a solution to the problems that are often presented by reclaimed items. Over the years, we have made major design contributions to the successful Mediterranean and Urban Rustic themed design plans with this approach. This being particularly true in kitchens, wine cellars, and garden rooms.

Get the process started towards a fine antiqued terracotta project by taking an online look at our terracotta collections, Pedralbes and Fiesole. Then, stop in and say hello to the nice folks in one of our professionally staffed showrooms. As always, thanks for reading.

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