Top 15+ Pool and Patio Ideas | 2024 Latest Outdoor Trends

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When it comes to finding the perfect pool or patio tile, the key is finding a design idea that is both timeless and durable. You should choose a tile that fits in with the natural environment yet also suits the exterior and interior look of your home. A natural stone tile choice like limestone, travertine, and marble will always be a classic and incredibly stylish choice. On the other hand, a porcelain stone-look tile or terracotta tile offers the benefits of being less maintenance and hardwearing.

From classic terracotta tiles to modern marble pavers, here are the top pool and patio tile ideas for exterior and outdoor designs.

1. White Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers are an instantly chic and timeless choice for exterior patio installations. This white porcelain swimming pool tile beautifully contrasts the bright blue pool shown above. Its mismatched mosaic design with different tile sizing creates a more understated, organic look for this patio design.

2. Brushed Limestone Tile

This light beige brushed limestone tile is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a more natural, rustic design for their pool or patio. Its light beige warm tone works harmoniously with the natural environment, and its brushed finish creates an anti-slip surface in wet areas. Pair this patio floor tile with light wooden patio furniture like the one shown above.

3. White Marble-Look Porcelain Paver

This stone look porcelain tile replicates the look of natural white marble. A large format 24×24 tile, it creates a smooth, elegant surface that works well for large patios and spacious exteriors. Note how in the image above, the porcelain pavers have been used to create a stepping-stone effect on the grass.

4. Fan Terracotta Tile

This incredibly charming terracotta tile with a classic fan pattern emulates traditional Spanish tile designs. A perfect match for rustic and traditional homes, it is a unique tile choice that will add style and artistry to the space. Terracotta tile is a particularly good choice for swimming pool tiles because it does not get slippery when wet.

5. Stacked Marble Wall Deco

These stacked marble wall decos look incredible on exterior walls as the background of a patio. The light beige tone is incredibly versatile and works well with a variety of different patio flooring and furniture styles, like these wicker chairs. Marble mosaic wall decos emulate natural rock cliff faces with a contemporary look, making them ideal for exterior installations.

6. Multi-Finish Large Format Limestone Tile

Another more rugged and rustic outdoor tile option, this light gray 16×24 limestone tile is the perfect choice for a classic gray stone patio tile. Its multi-finish design has a more textured surface than honed or polished finish tiles, and its gray coloring means it will adapt to any color scheme seamlessly.

7. Concrete Look Porcelain Tile

This honed concrete look porcelain tile works well in industrial, contemporary patios, and outdoor spaces. Note how the sleek lines of the large format porcelain tile make the poolside pictured above feel even more open and spacious. A concrete look porcelain tile is a more durable, water-resistant alternative to regular concrete.

8. Slate Look Subway Porcelain Tile

Another stone look porcelain tile, these slate look porcelain tiles have a smaller size that allows for more experimentation with patterns and designs. These subway tiles have been installed in a chevron pattern. Their light gray shading beautifully mimics the look of slate and is very versatile.

9. Dark Gray Porcelain Paver

This dark gray porcelain tile offers a darker, more industrial look for patios and outdoor tile options. If you are looking for a way to transform your patio into something more contemporary, then these outdoor tiles for patios are ideal.

10. Leather Marble Tile

Understated and elegant, this light gray marble tile has a natural leather finish that works well in wet areas. The stunning full grain of the marble is highlighted, showcasing its veining. It has 16×24 dimensions that suit both large and small outdoor spaces.

11. Classic Pattern Terracotta Tile

The classic alternating pattern of these terracotta tiles has been a popular outdoor tile design for centuries in the Mediterranean. Therefore, you can rest assured that this terracotta tile will be a timeless design choice that will remain stylish for decades to come.

12. Dark Gray Marble Paver

Another darker-toned option for outdoor patio tiles, these dark gray marble pavers add depth and dimension to spaces. These are a great choice for exteriors because they hide the daily wear and tear of the door elements.

13. Silver Gray 24×24 Porcelain Paver

These silver-gray porcelain pavers offer a sleeker alternative to the dark gray marble pavers shown above. Their smooth surface and 25×24 large format sizing create a sophisticated look in outdoor spaces. It is a stunning shade of gray that has a rich undertone and a veining pattern that mimics the look of natural marble stone.

14. Hexagon Terracotta Tile

This hexagon terracotta tile is the ideal understated choice for patio and outdoor walkway installations. It has a unique pattern that simultaneously does not overwhelm the space or seem busy, making it a good fit for small spaces. It looks beautiful when paired with other warm or natural colors.

15. Beige Porcelain Paver

#15 on our list is this beige porcelain paver that looks identical to cream marble tiles. The porcelain mosaic tile has alternating sizes to create a more rustic look that emulates the look of antique tile paving. As the picture above shows, these tiles are the perfect choice for poolside tiles.

16. Matte Gray Porcelain Tile

Last on our list is this large format 24×24 matte gray porcelain tile. Note how this tile has been installed inside and outside for a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. The result is utterly chic and modern, and it makes the space feel even bigger and more open.


Choosing a timeless and stylish outdoor tile for pools and patios can be the key to transforming your exterior space. Browse Country Floor’s selection of Pool & Spa tiles online today.

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